Motivational Monday #26

Right now, things feel GREAT. The sun is shining. Blossom is adorning many twigged branches and brightening our walks to work, or walks to the bus stop. Flowers are starting to bloom. Freckles are starting to dance upon our noses. Pretty patterned dresses are hanging in the shops. Our coats and jackets are being left behind. Sandals have started to re-appear and our newly painted toes. We start to notice brighter colours everywhere we go, a yellow car, a bright blue backpack, pink buildings... it is Spring and feels like Summer.
How much happier do you feel when the sun makes an appearance? It makes me feel so much better and jolly and a smile is always present. Especially when it's so warm you feel the need to buy an ice cream! Any excuse!

I hope the sun stays out for you and I hope you keep that smile with you when it goes behind a cloud or two. The more you smile, the more you'll keep smiling.


  1. Thank you for this! As long as I get through Monday this week, then I'm set :) Hope you have a wonderful week! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. The sun makes me SO much happier! Instant mood lifter x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Aww this post is lovely! I love all the colours of spring as well and the sun makes everything better :D xx

  4. Sunny days do seem to make for happier days. The sun just brightens everything up, and its lovely x

  5. What a great post! Spring is so great -- people start coming outside and opening up more. You can see the happiness in everyone when they have the freedom and warmth to hang around outside.


*Forever Love*