The Skies the Limit// An Ode to the Sky

I have recently discovered that Spring is my ultimate favourite season. The blooms, the blossom, the lambs, the sky!
Coming home from work, going straight upstairs to change into comfier clothes (my pyjamas) and looking out my bedroom window to see the early sunsets are my favourite. 
I absolutely love the pastel pinks and lilacs and blues merge into orangey pink suns and watch wafer-thin puffs of cloud drift smoothly across the pale hued sky. It is a dream!
The best thing about the sky is that it is never the same. The candyfloss clouds are sometimes hidden, sometimes thin and patchy and sometimes so fluffy they almost fill the entire sky.
Sometimes the sky is a multi-colour of pastel hues and sometimes deep red with warnings. Sometimes the sun is small and discreet and sometimes it's a ginormous vibrant orange ball.
I love opening my curtains in the morning to see what the sky will be like that day. Will it be bright? Will it be grey? Will it clear up? Will it rain? Will the sun be out all day and the sky blue and clear? Will it be white with the threat hope of beautiful snowflakes? Will it be glorious?
Only time will tell... because even the weatherman doesn't know! But whatever the day brings it'll give us a beautiful sunset and will surprise us.


  1. I'm back in the States for college right now, but for the last eight years I lived abroad in Beijing. #skyporn is a thing (for those who have access to social media lol), because good days are rare amidst all the pollution! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. What a gorgeous window view you have! I'm a tad jealous. I love the skies at the moment too, especially the gorgeous piny orange hues in the evening x

  3. A beautiful post. I love looking at the sky, although I'm never able to take a photo myself as they just never come out right, like the photo doesn't do the sky justice. But you've captured it very well indeed. Lovely :) x

  4. Such beautiful pastel skies. Lovely in the morning or evening. I hope you get many more of these views in the upcoming weeks...

  5. Very nice =] I love watching the sky, especially when its raining and sunny, i always look out for rainbows.

  6. Loving these photos! I love opening my curtains to discover what the skies have install for us on that day and as we know, at the moment, it really could be anything. Only a few weeks ago there was snow and today it feels like the middle of summer. I love living in Britain with the constant changing weather, I don't mind rainy days at all, it just means I get to wear different clothes everyday! xx


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