Three months to go...

Three months to go and I feel we have done so much in the last few months than we've done since getting engaged all those years ago.
Last week Sebastian and I picked up our Wedding rings which was unexpected. I had dropped my engagement ring off mid morning to the Jeweller's to be measured so my wedding ring will nicely fit next to it. By the time we went back to the store to pick it up in the afternoon the jeweller had finished both wedding rings. I was in shock, I expected to pick them up in a few weeks or so. We are so happy with them and the amazing service we received, we just can't wait to wear them now!
I had been worried about choosing a jeweller and getting the 'right' ring and the cost, but it was all for nothing! The whole experience was actually exciting and with us both having bespoke rings it was surprisingly very good value for money! Plus Simon, the jeweller, loved making Sebastian's. An excited jeweller- Bonus.
I highly recommend visiting your local jewellers instead of a branded store- the service is impeccable. Oh and 9 times out of 10- they are the ones who actually make/re-size/repair the rings for the branded stores!
After our successful ring trip we headed home and decided to book our honeymoon. We wanted to go to Paris again. We went last year for Easter/my birthday and had such a lovely time but we wanted to go back and do less tourist trips and more relaxed browsing and romantic strolls.
With planning a homemade wedding to keep the cost down, it certainly isn't as inexpensive as we hoped so we didn't want to go anywhere too extravagant for our honeymoon. We are saving for a house and a family so Paris seemed to be the perfect choice for us. We aren't keen on lounging in the sun for long periods of time either. Oh and the Eurostar is pretty much on our doorstep (not much of an exaggeration either!).
We booked our Eurostar tickets first to secure the dates and then for days after we browsed what seemed the whole of Airbnb's website for Paris apartments before finding the perfect spot for us.

On Thursday we were supposed to have our appointment with the Registrar for our Legal Preliminaries. Well that was stressful! We had to re-arrange it last minute due to my birth certificate not arriving in time (apparently there is a high demand!). I can totally see why Brides get branded a Bridezilla sometimes- it's not them, it's everyone else!
Next weekend we have our Venue visit which was rescheduled from the end of March. We need to discuss the order of the day, furniture/bunting, arrangements, organise where the food carts, photobooth, garden games will go, discuss the little details and generally get a little more excited.
Mother and I are also going for a little shopping trip with my sisters/bridesmaids for some inspiration at the end of April. My sisters need to find some shoes, which I have suggested they all get different pairs so they look individual and feel comfy. My mother is yet to find her outfit and she will most likely want to wear a hat so we are hoping to find everything we need and I have high hopes. I also want to buy my bridesmaids gifts which I have found and think it is a perfect gift from me to them.

Everything is finally coming together and I am so very excited.


  1. that's so wonderful you are making strides and leaps and bounds with your wedding prep! this post has made me very excited for my own wedding, I'm still waiting for my OH to finished uni before we set a date, but this post will help me no end with planning (as I haven't a clue what needs to be done yet :P) congratulations again and I'm sure you are super excited! jenny xx

  2. Your wedding sounds like it's going to be a beautiful affair! I have to wait until our PhD's are over before I can plan ours, but I cannot wait :D

  3. I love you Save the Date's! did you make them yourself? It must be so exciting (but also pretty stressful) planning a wedding! My colleague is getting married on Sunday so she's been buzzing about it for months! I'm not married, not even engaged yet, but I've always absolutely loved weddings so following your steps towards yours is lovely! :) Alice xx

  4. So exciting! Looking forward to hearing about more of the details!

  5. Three months to go, three months to go!! Yay!! I feel like i've been on this journey with you for a while, ha! I've never been so excited for a wedding of someone I haven't actually met. Everything is looking so extremely beautiful lovely. Paris is a wonderful location for a honeymoon, romantic, calm and so very much to explore! xx

  6. I agree with what Toni said above; I'm so excited to see your wedding day in full bloom! I just know it's going to be so stunning. :)

  7. This all sounds so exciting! Everything's looking gorgeous from what I can see in these pics so I'm sure the actual wedding is just going to be magical x

    Josie’s Journal

  8. I'm so excited to see how this wedding of yours comes together. I absolutely adore your handmade save the dates and I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful.... also, Paris? - the prefect honeymoon destination!

  9. Everything sounds so exciting! We have 6 months to go until ours so we're pretty much sorted with the bigger things and now beginning to think about all the little details. I'm sure the wedding will be here in no time at all! xxx

  10. Awww so cute =]

  11. Wow three months isn't long! I bet you are so excited! And yay for booking your honeymoon! xx

  12. How lovely that everything is coming together nicely! It all sounds really exciting, and a honeymoon in Paris sounds wonderful.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


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