Five Happy Things

Lately I haven't been feeling too social, on the internet or in daily life. There is alot going on and I feel like time is slipping away from me.
I work all day and most days I feel too exhausted to do anything in the evenings and end up falling asleep on the sofa and taking myself to bed. Then it's work again in the morning. My weekends have been filled with friend's weddings and shopping trips with bridesmaids, wedding appointments and cleaning. Life is exciting at the moment and about to get even more exciting but there seems to have been no time to actually BE excited.

1.  Rich Tea biscuits. When you're feeling under the weather and can't really bring yourself to eat- THESE are the way to go. Better still when your love volunteers to go get you some on the way home from work. That tea drinkers, is LOVE.

2.  LUSH baths. Last weekend I stumbled into LUSH and spent some of my birthday money on some delicious scented bath bits. I don't tend to have baths often as a shower is easier and quicker but it's so lovely to have a bath every now again. I had a soothing Lavender bubble bath whilst watching Poldark.

3.  Flowers. Gosh every girl must love flowers, but the best flowers are the bunches that are unexpected. On Thursday I had the worst afternoon at work and after a little moan to Sebastian on the walk home he came home with the prettiest bunch of roses for me. Three different shades of pink and an instant smile. 

4.  April in Paris. On Friday I felt so tired I crashed out on the sofa... but when I woke up April in Paris was starting on the television. I had never seen it before and loved it! I cannot wait for my hen party at the end of the month. Skipping around in Paris with my favourite girls will be just the best.

5.  Appointments. Filling my diary with lots of appointments makes me happy. I like a chilled life but being organised and finally planning important dates makes me feel relaxed and excited that everything is coming together.


  1. I agree, flowers instantly make my day!

  2. I'm feeling the same way, with work being incredibly busy and wedding planning taking up every second around it. It's good to focus on the small happy things and the larger ones - Paris in springtime...bliss! :)

  3. I feel the same at the minute - I have a terrible habit of napping 5pm-7pm, eating tea and then staying up way too late until 12 or 1am.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. I find that the oddest feeling, too many happy goings on that it is too much because you need to take those small moments to appreciate them! I'm sure you are beyond enjoying things though, the frisson of excitement :) xx

    Georgina The Librarian

  5. Rich Tea biscuits are my favourite when I don't feel so good! Good luck with all your planning.

  6. I hope things will feel less exhausting soon! Sounds like there are so many exciting things going on and coming up soon, though :) And Rich Tea biscuits are wonderful in all their simplicity!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  7. Sebastian is a keeper on the fact that he surprised you with roses! x

  8. Rich Tea's and a teapot just for one - perfect snacking for those moments when you don't know what you want! Hope it all calms down and allows you to enjoy the excitement very soon! Katie x

  9. life's all about the little things that can cheer you up. I love Lush baths too... until I have to clean the bathtub afterwards

  10. Great post =]

  11. It's normal have moments like this. I feel the same in this period, maybe it's spring! Tea is always a good idea when you have a bad mood (I love tea and I know that a good cup of tea can help you). Lush is also a good idea for relaxing.



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