Five Happy Things

This week has gone quickly. But then again... the days at work have gone so slow!
1.  Days off. Bank holiday Monday was so chilled out and was very much needed. I love a three day weekend. Bring on the next one!

2.  Wedding appointments. More wedding appointments, but this one was an important one and also the final one before the big day in less than NINE weeks!

3.  Baking. This week I have been getting my baking on once again. I made cookies on Monday and for Sebastian's birthday on Saturday, instead of cake he wanted more cookies. I made him peanut butter and chocolate cookies and he loved them. I have missed baking.

4.  Tea Parties. On Friday evening my mother and sister popped over for a huge selection of cake and biscuits with pots of tea. We chatted about Bridal party plans in Paris, wedding related details and potential futures in Scotland (for mother!).

5.  Springtime blossoms. I have been enjoying what seems to be the last of the blossoms... The strong winds have sprinkled the paths with pretty pastel petals. The trees look so green without the pretty blooms on the twigs. But it won't be too long until they are back!

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  1. I love tea parties! Hope you are not too stressed out about your big day getting closer!Have a great week.


*Forever Love*