TTDER Bridal Party in Paris

Two weeks ago, I woke up ridiculously early (after practically NO sleep) and hopped on the Eurostar to Paris with my favourite girls.
I am quite lucky, we can get the Eurostar from our local train station- probably the only amazing thing about this town!
After 45 minutes at the station sipping hot lattes from pretty pastel mugs the seven of us hopped on the train where we met up with the other three who caught the star from St Pancras.
We got settled on the train where we were served breakfast (everything was miniature- so very cute!) and my darling bestest, Suz, passed out individual brown paper bags with personalised tags.
Each bag included a Paris postcard, a packet of parma violets, posh party popper, a floral paper straw, a plastic wine glass, a packet of tissues (for joyful tears) and a badge. The girls had a teeny white badge with an illustrated hen and mine was slightly bigger with 'blushing bride' written on it. This is the kind of hen party I am fond of. Lovely Suz did well.

When we arrived in Paris we dropped our bags off at the hotel in Porte de Versailles and then caught the metro to the Champs-Elysees for our first stop- lunch at Laduree.
When we arrived, Alix and Melodie were already there waiting for us and after many hugs and hello's we quickly ordered some delicious lunch (Sara and I shared a gorgeous posh Croque Monsieur). Whilst we waited for our tasty lunches, Suz handed me gifts, one by one, that everyone had chosen and wrapped individually and I had to guess who bought me what by the content of each gift. It was so amazing and beautiful and I did pretty well with my guessing... even got a couple right from the wrapping alone!
After I littered the whole table with pretty paper packaging and ribbon. We ate our yummy lunches washed down with peach juice (me), red wine (most of the others) and ordered pretty pastries for dessert with tea and macarons to take away.
After about four hours of girly chatter, gift opening, pastry nibbling and macaron choosing, we left for a wander up to the Arc de Triomph before walking to the Eiffel Tower for wanders and wonders.
The weather was gorgeous on the Saturday, walking around Paris was just perfect for it.

We shared some chocolate, said our goodbyes to Melodie after awing at the carousels, the candy floss and the refreshing water fountains and decided to head toward the Notre Dame for dinner (the day went quicker than we realised).
But not before stopping off by the side of the Seine for a glass of cold cola/wine/prosecco in the sunshine.
After a gorgeous meal at my Ma'ma's favourite restaurant which was situated next door to Shakespeare and Company, which we just had to browse in before sitting down to our table, we carried ourselves to the metro for our beds. It had been an early start and such a wonderful day that we were absolutely wiped out and our bed's were shouting at us!
However, no matter how heavy our eyes were, Alix and I were bound to stay up a little later chatting and catching up... because that's what happens every time we have a little sleepover!!!

After getting a few hours sleep, we woke, showered, nibbled croissants with jam (thank you Suz and Alix for trekking out first thing!) and headed to Versailles on the tram and train.
The weather was a little less sunny and a little more drizzly on the Sunday... but we had prepared for it so it didn't make too much of a difference. It was still warm too. Plus I was still on an emotional high of excitement. I was finally going to Versailles!
Versailles was everything I thought it would be and more. It was stunning and I know if the sun was shining it would have been just perfect (I'll have to go again when it's picnic weather!). The stroll down to the petit Trianon was gorgeous but then once we hit Marie Antoinette's estate I was truly in my element. It was so pretty. Her house, her gardens, the little cottages and farms... take me back!!! I wish it was warm and sunny and I had been wearing a floaty dress nibbling french pastries- That would have been the dream.
We didn't have time to visit the palace but I will make a special trip back to do it all again.
Everything had gone smoothly... until now. After some miscommunication, a quick dash in the gift shop, we had to rush from Versailles to the hotel to pick up our bags. We got off the wrong metro stop, waiting for the tram, panicked and sent half of us in a taxi to the hotel whilst the rest of us panicked on the tram and 14 metro stops to the Gare du Nord thinking 'we are SO not going to make it'! After lots of nervous eating, sweats and rushed goodbyes to Alix we made it to the Gare du Nord in enough time to visit the toilet (which we had held off for over an hour!), to buy water and cool off... panic over!
It is actually ridiculously hilarious when we talk about it now!! Time flies when you're having fun eh!
Once settled on the Eurostar home, the girls popped open some Prosecco and Champagne, got told off by a couple of passengers and got giggled at by the lovely Eurostar staff. It was an eventful trip home but a wonderful one and I didn't want it to end!
I have some of the best memories though and some of the best friends & family!!! 

Thank you again darling Suzanne for making it the best weekend I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you to everyone else that helped organise and that came to play in Paris. It was wonderful.

For some gorgeous snaps and a wee vlog from the weekend you can check out my friend's blogs...
and for more of our snaps and documentation, check out our hashtag on Instagram and Twitter


  1. Oh, sounds like you had an incredibly wonderful time! Paris must be the perfect destination for a bridal party :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

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    Sweet Serendipity Blog

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