Wow. What a whirlwind few weeks! I feel that life has just whizzed by whilst Sebastian and I have been floating in a bubble of excitement, love and pure joy.

The week before the big day was the most stressful week I have had, probably ever! It all started when my day of 'quiet time' for creative tasks became difficult due to too many visitors. Then on the way to the last minute plan for dinner with my grandparents (all the way from Scotland) and family, a douchebag drove into the back of my sister-in-law's car. Yup- didn't pencil that in on my to do list! Most definitely the worst accident I have been involved in, I went into shock mode. After a panic attack (weirdest feeling ever!) and a huge hug from my Nanny we had a wonderful meal (baby fine by the way!). The next day, after a huge supermarket shop, I found out my bank balance read £0.00. Yes. Zero pounds. Gulp. Then our wonderful venue lady got rushed into hospital. The evening before was planned for bridesmaid hang outs and early nights- ended up being at the venue until 21:30 and going to bed at gone 1 in the morning!
Oh and the morning of the wedding- the minibus I booked to take all my bridesmaids to the venue never turned up and claimed it was never booked. My lovely make up lady was an hour and a half late... I left my house at the time that I should have been walking down the aisle!

We can all laugh about it now.

The wedding was magical and everything was just so wonderful. I wish I could bottle the day's emotions and feed off of it when I needed it most. It really WAS the best day of my entire life! A full post soon.

The Honeymoon was just lovely. It was SO very needed after working so hard on the wedding prep. Paris was a lovely mix of chilling and adventure but boy was it hot! A full post (or two or three!) to follow.

Mini TTDER. So bump literally popped a day after the wedding! I am most definitely looking pregnant these days. I have also felt little baby move around this week... it was the most loveliest moment. Now that the wedding has been had, Sebastian and I can now focus on our little bean and get things prepared for their arrival. A full post to follow also.

I hope you're still all here and haven't been too bored waiting for me to eventually post something. I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things. I have missed you!
Lots of Love, Mrs Turton-Wall


  1. Can't wait to see that bump of yours soon, even if we can't squeeze it into any dresses :D xx

  2. Hope you will write soon and have a easy pregnancy!

  3. Hello Charlotte! Goodness, it was a vey busy time indeed! I hope you're alright, after that accident! Some people just drive like crazy, it's insane. Say hi to the bump! :)

  4. Oh dear, the lead up sounded stressful. But your day sounded magical, can't wait to see your pictures.
    Loving the bump picture.

  5. I know what you mean - weddings do bring out the worst things. They are so complex that it is inevitable that something wrong happens. Ian and I left on our honeymoon without the suitcase and my clothes in it. Guess what - not even a bottle of shampoo to get out the scads of hairspray and junk and I had to put my going away dress back on the next morning - we totally laughed about it. We were married in November and it snowed the day of the wedding so my brother was out with a shovel trying to get the path clear to the church…


*Forever Love*