Homemade Weddings: Guest Post- Milkclouds

It's getting closer to our special day and seeing as I'll be a little tied up painting pegs for name places, stamping gifts bags, wine shopping and running around like a crazy Bride, it seems the perfect time for some of my favourite bloggers to share snippets of their special day with us all.
It was decided from before we were even engaged that we wanted to have a small, handmade wedding. Daniel and I were very adamant about wanting a no-frills sort of day, with the emphasis on having our family and friends together in one place. We had an afternoon wedding, with drinks and nibbles, and that worked well for us!
We are both big vintage lovers, so that was really the ‘theme’, if we had one! We also chose colours such as baby blue, mint green and grey. I found most of the items used for the day on Etsy, eBay or discount stores and put them together myself. Even our wedding bands are from Etsy! We tried going to a commercial jeweller once and the sales assistant scared us so much that we never went back, so Etsy was a really lovely option. For the ceremony we had a beautiful handmade lace backdrop, that was the biggest item in terms of decor! 
We couldn’t have asked for a better day, it was really everything we had imagined and wouldn’t have done it differently. Handmade weddings are such a wonderful option, you should never feel like you have to have a big formal fancy affair just to keep other people happy (unless it is what YOU want!).
Create the wedding that you and your betrothed desire, and have fun!
(All photos by Peta Rudd from Grace's gorgeous day)
If you want to find out a little bit more about lovely Grace, you can find her on her blog and Instagram.


  1. This looks lovely! I'm really enjoying reading this series - it's nice to see an alternative to a big wedding. :)


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