Getting Pregnant

Back in February, Sebastian and I agreed that we wanted to start preparing for babies. We didn't want to rush things but at the same time we didn't want to wait too long after the Wedding to start the preparations. So I decided to finish my last pill packet and have my last planned lady time. I remember that Saturday morning after my period feeling really giddy at the fact I was being extremely crazy by giving up the pill so early when the Wedding was not until July. But I was so glad I did.

However, it did not state anywhere at all on the little instruction booklet that came with my contraceptive pill about the possible side affects of stopping the pill and how this might affect you.
It may vary depending on how long you have been taking it for, that I don't know, but I had been taken my current contraceptive for just under 10 years or so- a VERY long time. I was NOT expecting what was about to happen to me and my relationship.

 I  Sebastian suffers quite badly when it's 'the time of the month'- bless him. I get so grumpy, and tetchy and i'm a real 'joy' to be around. I want chocolate, I'm bloated, I want space, I want hugs, you just can't please me basically. I'm sure I'm not the only one that believes us ladies should be allowed free days off for spa treatments away from men with complimentary bars of chocolate!?! Well, being off the pill after so long ain't no walk in the park either.
I felt all those feelings I usually do those few days just before I start my lady time, and more. I felt low, really low, and I blamed it on the horrible work situation and the friendship breakups that were happening at the time, but it was the pill, or the lack of! I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I had bad stomach cramps, I was tired, I couldn't sleep and Sebastian could never do a thing right and I just wanted to take myself away and bury my head. It was so horrible. There were times when I thought being on the pill would save me from all this. It just shows you that unfortunately, just like any other medication... they're not that good for you in the long run.
One evening I cried to Sebastian begging for help. So we did some ALOT of research and considered some herbal therapies and the Paleo diet.
Like any diet, it didn't last too long as the cravings for chocolate were just WAY too demanding. Seriously these hormones are just not ok. I would never fit in my beautiful wedding dress at this rate (I did!)!!!

After researching symptoms that other ladies had experienced coming off the pill and solutions to their hormones, I found myself in all sorts of forums. I read chats about ladies not having their natural periods for months and months afterwards. I read about ladies trying for babies for over a year after stopping the pill and still no sign of pregnancy. I read paragraphs of hormonal ladies sharing their stories of all sorts and I started to stress and worry- Never a good idea.
Once I stopped thinking about the fact I was an emotional, hormonal wreck every day I started to calm and I hadn't realised until a few days later that I had stopped being this wreck.

That stopped however when I was due my lady time. When being on the contraceptive pill for so long I knew EXACTLY when I was due- to the button! (One of the only two good things about the pill it seems!). So when that day was near I started to worry and expect and generally was disappointed. The day came and nothing in sight, except the light cramps.
However, the day after was a different story. Never have I celebrated a lady time in my life! I even did a little dance-- I really did do a little dance!! This brought me clarification that everything my womanly body needed to do next was actually doing it.
I felt relief. I wished I hadn't read those forums, but I did and I thought that my body wouldn't be able to do the things it needed to do naturally, for a while... but it did.
One month later my lady time never arrived and I just knew why. In fact I honestly felt that I knew a few days after we conceived. I had THAT feeling.
At times I thought perhaps maybe I had created those feelings and reading too many things online and imagining it all. But I kept carrying that torch of hope.
Four days later Sebastian and I popped to the drug store and picked up a pregnancy test. I felt a mixture of nerves and excitement and I could tell Sebastian was slightly freaking out (Bless him)!
We had arranged a pizza date that afternoon but we rushed home to go for a pee first!
I was prepared to wait the full three minutes but once I had peed a little that vertical line almost instantly appeared across the horizontal line. A PLUS! I hurriedly washed my hands and ran downstairs calling for Sebastian. "What do you honestly want the answer to be?!" I softly yelled out... He knew it was a plus. I burst into tears. I could not be happier. We could not be happier. And that pizza date may have been the best one yet! (Remember our happy faces?)

Everyone experiences getting pregnant in different ways, I admit we were very lucky. We honestly thought it wouldn't happen so quickly. I certainly didn't think it would happen so quickly due to all the reading I had done before hand about how the contraceptive pill affects the process. Even the nurse at my check up appointment was surprised. Well... all I can say is NINE babies- my mother had NINE babies. I guess I have super fertile genes.
I feel so lucky and blessed that this wonderful process went so smoothly. For those who are trying, remember to just relax and have fun (easier said than done I'm sure), but stress and worry never helps any situation.


  1. I cried reading this! Congratulations to the both of you! I can't to read more on your beautiful day & on miniTTDER! All the best Charlotte xx

  2. What a lovely post - congratulations! I really enjoyed reading this. If you don't mind me asking, I would be interested to know how you came about to deciding to start trying to become pregnant. Was it something you had been discussing for a long time? Were there many things you wanted to do before you decided to add to your family or did the timing just feel right?

    Alice xx

  3. I'm so, so happy for you. I've always thought it would be quite strange having to have that discussion and for us to decide that I should come off the pill. I have been warned by my doctor to go and visit them as soon as I start thinking about children, before stopping the pill, as there is a 'controlled' way to come off the pill apparently x

    What Rachael Wrote

  4. Congratulations!! Such a lovely read! x

  5. I really enjoyed reading your post. I got married in May and my husband and I have decided I'd come off the pill and you're right about the side effects. We're still trying and hoping to get the good news soon.

  6. This is such a lovely post. I had a similar experience when we started trying for a baby and it's agree that it's amazing to witness what is usually a pain in the arse time each month become proof that our bodies are doing exactly what they should be and being awesome at it.

  7. amazing! congratulations! :D

  8. It's interesting to read your experience when stopping the pill. I stopped mine last year (not to get pregnant but because I was tired of gulping down hormones on a daily basis) and I had a completely different experience! I felt like my feelings and impulses were more free and powerful than they ever was. This, especially at the beginning... So happy for you though, congratulations again <3

  9. Such an adorable post. I'm not a maternal person in the slightest, but I feel I can share in your joy <3 x

    Martha Jane |


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