Guest Post// Husband

When an email popped into my account asking if I would like to review a hip flask I first thought, 'you really think my flowery feminine blog would be suitable to host a hip flask review?! Can I drink tea from a hip flask?'...but then I remembered my darling Husband and his love for Whiskey, Tweed and all things gentlemanly!
I'm sure he would have nudged me if I had refused such a lovely email. So, over to Mr Turton-Wall.
"What a treat this Harris Tweed flask from SWIG is, in class and functionality! I love that the handsome tweed cover is removable, handy for washing and perfect for filling incase of clumsy spillages (although hastily slurped to ease the pain of losing even one drop of an 18 year travel edition single malt). The cover also has a great high quality feel but that's to be expected as it is Harris Tweed after all.
The flask itself is a highly polished Stainless Steel giving it a rather classy look in and out of the cover (It's also rather very therapeutic buffing out those fingerprints!). I much prefer Stainless Steel to the old Pewter flasks as my favourite tipple lasts much longer, adding to this the cap has a seal inside to stop leakage and prolong that freshness.
I fear most modern chaps these days have forgotten the old ways... of chivalry, nobility, gallantry, honour and most importantly casual alcoholism to deal with a gentleman's day (joke!!)! All in all a marvelous new addition to the now seven strong collection and to be honest... my new favourite!"

I know it's still early days but Christmas (yes Christmas!!!) is around the corner and this could make a wonderful gift to give your lovely Husbands, wonderful Father's and fun brother's. This accompanied by a fancy bottle of Whiskey and woodsy pine scented candle would surely make the perfect little Man hamper.

Photographs by Sebastian Turton-Wall


  1. This looks like a great present idea for my darling Dan :) Thanks for the review Sebastian!

  2. My whisky drinking hubby would love this too. The tweed is very handsome!

  3. It's never too early to be thinking about Christmas and this is such a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing!


*Forever Love*