Life Lately

Life lately has been busy. Work has been full on and stressful and I have had to take a couple of days sick just to re-cooperate. The days have been long and the nights short. Weekends have been crammed for adventures to Norwich and some planned chill time with Sebastian. 
We've been grocery shopping, planning a mass clear out (the house needs sorting majorly!) and Starbucks stops for icy drinks to cool us down and chunky chocolate cookies to nibble on.
I've been ordering tickets to Berlin for the beginning of September to visit Alix before bump gets too big and I get too tired. I have been meeting friends for coffee and catch ups with little babies in tow and finished with tiny cuddles. I have dragged Sebastian to the shops for bigger clothes (nothing fits me anymore!!) and for posh hot chocolates (Ginger bread!), Butterscotch steamers and the best almond and chocolate croissant I have ever had!
I have been majorly hormonal where I could be so angry one minute and the next crying a rivers worth of tears (This part is not fun!) but then my little baby girl wriggles and kicks and makes me feel warm and happy again (This part is!)! I have been given gorgeous flowers from my dear Husband after horrible days at work and big hugs that makes it all ok again.
I have also received peach and yellow rose bouquets from Papa with baby gifts too and knitted baby blankets and shawls homemade by my Nanny. 
We have been watching the American Horror Story and now on the 'coven' series. I have been crying over soppy, romantic films on Netflix and just crying for no reason! I have written lists and plans for my little TTDER shop 'come back'.
We received our wedding photographs and looked at them a few times over and shared them with our families and friends. I hope to write one epic Wedding post soon. I promise it'll be worth the wait. We have also purchased pretty things and toys for our little baby Turton-Wall. Time is going so fast and I am already very nearly SIX months in!!!
Life lately has been hectic and a whole giant rollercoaster of emotions!


  1. It sounds like you have been a very busy bee! Lovely post and photos x

  2. How cute is your little Baby Bump. It is weird that I look forward to one day styling a Baby bump?? Probably.
    And it's normal to be hormonal - your bound to be up and down. Not that I have any experience, but we've all seen that Friends episode
    And I'm now craving a hot chocolate with whipped cream. Darn it!
    Lovely photo's
    x tink J

  3. I know it's such a clicheed word to use to describe a baby bump but yours is so neat :) Plus you're rocking pregnancy style - I found it really hard to dress my winter bump and just felt like a waddling eskimo most of the time. I remember the highs and lows of pregnancy hormones all too well - it really is pretty chaotic. But when you think of what your body is currently up to it makes the mind boggle nevermind the hormones! Not too long to go now though :)


*Forever Love*