More Adventures with Sunny Sweet Pea

The weekend before last was reserved for a trip to Norwich. I left work a little earlier on the Friday, rushed home to grab my bags and off I went to the train station. It took four trains and three & a half hours to get there and the beautiful Jenny met me at the station. This weekend was for Pip snuggles, bridesmaid dress trying on and cake.
We got to Jenny's BEAutiful house and my eyes went heart shaped- so much prettiness! After a session of dress trying on for Jenny (we had fun dressing up like princesses before bed!), we clambered to our slumber for an early start.
Saturday morning was for breakfast at Jenny's favourite breakfast haunt. This consisted of a vanilla latte, a piece of marmite buttery toast and a plate of American pancakes to share with Katie. It was so good I forgot to take a snap! Oops.
Then it was time to try more pretty dresses, whirling and twirling in the changing rooms in hope that Bride-to-be Jenny would find the last dress we needed to add to the collection. And that we did!
To celebrate finding the last gorgeous dress (& the perfect lace to match) we high-fived and went for cocktails (cordial for me!) teamed with slices of cake and Blueberry creme-filled doughnuts.

Satisfyingly full we walked the sugar off whilst browsing in and out of cute shops, stopping for more sugar in the shape of delicious Norfolk ice cream, and headed to the Cathedral for a little browse whilst we waited for Mr Jenny (Ben) to take us home.
We ended the night with lots of pizza, bubbles (pink lemonade for me) and two wedding related films. It was wonderful.
On Sunday morning, Jenny got up early to take lovely bridesmaid Ellie to the airport whilst the rest of us stayed curled up in bed asleep. When Jenny got back we transferred to the sofa and ate croissants and sipped tea whilst enjoying some Pip snuggles. Soon after we all got ready for a little day of exploring a National Trust estate.
Jenny took Katie and I to Blickling Hall and it was a stunner. I love these kind of adventures with Jenny. They are honestly my favourites. Every time Jenny and I are together we ALWAYS find a pretty garden, castle or museum to explore. I love it.
We ambled around the gardens, flower gazing, making friends with a newt and getting sprayed with the fountain water. We posed with butterflies, played garden games (giant connect four and draughts!) and admired the bees.
Once the 12 o'clock bells chimed we stopped for lunch whilst everyone else entered the big double doors to the house. After refueling we headed toward the big double doors into the Hall.
Oh I do love a historic building browsing. I love peering into old rooms from eras much before now and learning how they lived and how gorgeous each room was decorated. I fell in love with each room, from old fashioned tins to beautiful floral wallpapers, intricately painted portraits and grand furniture to tattered well-read books. Every corner and ceiling was spectacular.
I loved the pastel wallpapers, the murals and the peach coloured ceilings. The beautiful crystal chandeliers and the writing desks filled with hand written letters stamped with the Estate letter head. The gold guild frames and accents. Can I just live here please??!
On our way out we stood reading the children's post its tacked to the wall in the Education room. The question asked was what would you save... little girls wrote 'cats', 'all of the princesses' and 'freedom'. Adults wrote 'the bees'. 'the NHS' and one little girl wrote about wanting to save all the books because she liked reading... oh my heart just melted. kids can be so gosh darn cute!!!
We browsed the second hand book store for small pretty hardback books for Jenny and wildflower books for Katie. I got lost in the children's section and found a book from my childhood- Mrs Pepperpot. This book was read to me by my Papa when I was a little girl and I absolutely loved it! I couldn't not buy it to read to my little girl in years to come.
We hopped back in the car to the train station, after hugs goodbye I started my three and a half hour journey back.
I had a wonderful, exhausting (Pregnant lady alert!) weekend filled with cake, deliciously naughty food, Pip snuggles, adventure and meeting Jenny's other bridesmaids and making new friends.
I love spending time with this girl, still can't get over the fact we met through our blogs. It feels like I have known her forever. I'm already looking forward to our next adventure together.


  1. All these photos look absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you had a fabulous time, I do love National Trust sites


  2. What a beautiful weekend. I love the tea menu spelt out with Scrabble tiles - definitely one to consider for a house DIY at some point!

  3. What wonderful weekend! ANnd your photos have captured it all perfectly. So girly - I need more outings like that!

  4. What wonderful photos, looks like you had an awesome time x

  5. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time! The pictures of the place you visited for breakfast are beyond cute x

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Norwich seems so lovely, and Blicking Hall looks gorgeous! And you seem to have been blessed with really great weather :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  7. You charmed escapades make me miss England so very much. <3

  8. What a wonderful weekend and how wonderful that blogging brought you together :) Blogger friends are the best!

  9. It was lovely to meet you, Charlotte. :) And it's so nice to read back on yours and Jenny's posts about the weekend. How was it over two weeks ago already? Time is flying! x

  10. Lovely! I love all of your adventures, 'cause they are all so sweet :)


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