Parisian Honeymoon (day one)

We are still floating on air since our special day. Anyway- Paris! We got up nice and early on the Wednesday after our gorgeous wedding and walked to the station to hop on the Eurostar to pretty Paris (said like 'Pariee'!). I spent the two hour train journey looking through my Paris guides and circling a few things I wanted to do whilst listening to the Wedding reception playlist on my iPod (really not wanting to let it go!).
After a smooth trip and a couple of metro stops, we arrived in Bastille to meet our Airbnb owner and to drop our bags off. The apartment we stayed in was just amazing. It was clean, minimal and monochrome. It was central and just perfect.
We decided to unpack, have a drink and make a little plan for the rest of the day before heading out to adventure.
As the sunshine was out and pretty warm we decided to ditch the metro for the afternoon and make our way around Paris on foot. We walked through some pretty gardens just up from Bastille and made our way to get a baguette for lunch. But first, a few moments to admire the roses and other pretty blooms.
Once we nibbled our way through a baguette each we ambled towards the Muséum National d'Historie Naturelle. We arrived in the Jardin des Plantes, bought our tickets to the Galerie de Minéralogie et de Géologie and escaped the bright sun rays.
The museum was just stunning. Giant crystal geodes and rocks bigger than me greeted us upon entering. The walls were lined with glass cabinets filled with gorgeous precious stones that glimmered in the light. Some small and sparkly, others brightly coloured. It was fascinating. I wished there was a gift shop as I would have spent some Euros in there for sure!
After a browse amongst the sugary pastel quartz and the bright purple geodes we headed across the park to the Botanical Gardens.
After being shooed away and thinking it was closed for the day, we noticed we were trying to enter the glass building through the wrong entrance. Oops. After finally purchasing our tickets we wandered through big leafy walkways and admired the creepy crawlies feeding off the banana plants.
I spoke to the huge goldfish whilst they tried to nibble at my finger tips thinking it was a source of food. We walked over large stepping stones and let the water droplets from the waterfall drip onto our skin in hope to cool down. We admired the cacti and the teeny tiny buds of colour that sprout from them before leaving the hot grand glass house.
Probably not the wisest choice to spend an hour or so in a couple of gorgeous greenhouses on such a hot day. We ran through the garden sprinklers a few times afterwards and walked under the shaded trees to cool off. Sebastian and I don't cope with the heat too well, exploring in the heat was not what we had in mind when we thought of Paris!
We tried to go to the Paléontologie et anatomie comparée but it was closed for the day. So with the intent of coming back tomorrow, we headed back over the Seine and towards Bastille.
Our tummies rumbled and we decided to go home and get changed for the evening. We browsed the different streets that surrounded our apartment and found so many lovely shops and boutiques. We were going to come back on the last day to make some purchases.
After walking the main streets for a place to eat we stumbled upon Frogburger. The place was very 'cool kid' with enamel serve ware, paper straws and old cinema boards for menus. The food was absolutely delicious! Best breaded chicken burger I have ever had! Perfect first day!!


  1. Ah everything looks and sounds marvelous. I am quite envious! Such a perfect honeymoon, huge congrats! xx

  2. What a funky honeymoon, it all looks wonderful! x

    Martha Jane |

  3. Aaah Paris! Beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had a lovely first day :) What a perfect destination for a honeymoon. I think I've said it already, but massive congratulations!!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. Oooh, I want to go in Paris too! :)


*Forever Love*