Parisian Honeymoon (part four)

Our Final day came around quickly. It was Saturday, it was warm and we were ready to spend the day using our remaining Euros on cold drinks and baby gifts.
We spent the morning wandering the many streets in Bastille and enjoying the feeling of no where to be. We browsed in a few shops and purchased a few little gifts. We bought new pastel ice cream coloured beakers for little ones (there are a lot of nephews that often visit me and raid my cupboards!) and a gorgeous corduroy rattle in the shape of a leek. We couldn't resist. It was either that or the carrot with a crown!
We sat at a cute cafe on the corner of one of the streets to refresh, visit the bathroom (twice!) and take shade under a parasol. We chatted and enjoyed the light breeze and ice cold cola/beer before heading in to more shops.
After finding a quaint little park, we dashed into the nearest Boulangerie to purchase a baguette and a cold drink each before heading straight back for some shade. We sat there for ages, nibbling our baguettes on a shaded bench. There was a cute little Chinese (baby) girl in a dress and a straw hat who insisted her Daddy keep sliding her down the slide. It was incredibly adorable.
^^^ Baby lemon's first little stuffed rattle... a Leek! 
Once we finished roaming the streets, and a quick cafe stop for cold drinks once again, we headed to one last stop in search for another vintage photobooth. La Maison Rouge, a private contemporary art gallery. Sebastian did not seem convinced, it was too hot to be walking around anywhere on a mission. However I insisted and dragged him along for one last snap or two. We had change to use up, it just made sense!
We didn't have time to look around the gallery, good job too as we would have had to pay to get in. Luckily the Foto Automat was just inside the front doors so I scrambled the purse to count all the coins and worked out we could have three go's. Once together, once each on our own. They came out Fab!
When we were satisfied and we used up all our change, we headed back toward our apartment to pick up our case. But first, what I have been waiting for... a Parisian Amorino!
Just at the bottom of our road where we were staying in Bastille, was a small Amorino. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted it on the first day- I was all prepared to drag Sebastian across the Tuilleries gardens again for a floral shaped cone!
We queued up and picked our flavours. I chose coconut (obviously!), raspberry and cherry. It was so delicious- especially in the heat. We licked and nibbled until it was all gone and went to the apartment to pick up our case.
It was still pretty early, so we wheeled our case to a cafe for yet another cold beverage (I told you it was extremely hot!!!) and chilled out for half an hour or so. We loved sitting outside in the shade and watching people go about their daily jobs. I do enjoy a spot of people watching especially the French. They are all dressed in completely different styles, walking or rushing, zipping by on their mopeds in shorts or their huge Harley's in denims. Some with dogs, one with a rabbit (random I know!), some with little children. It was a nice way to finish off our dreamy holiday honeymoon.
We took the metro one last time to Gare du Nord and said goodbye to my beloved Paris. I nipped over to McDonald's for some 'grande frites sil vous plait!?' (Yes I know, this pregnancy has made me crave those salty sticks of potato all day long!) and I joined Sebastian with the case. After I demolished the delicious snack, we checked in and joined the large queue for our train home.
After whinging about having to sit on the floor because ignorant families took up a whole section with their kids and cases we headed for the train.
Karma is officially my friend, we sat down and a lovely Eurostar lady whisked us away and took us to the premier section where we were upgraded for being honeymooners! The air conditioned carriage was quiet and comfortable and I could have cried. This is just what we needed. Comfort, dinner and drinks to end the most wonderful trip. Thanks Eurostar!!
With a promise to come back every year we snuggled into one another and I listening to our Wedding reception playlist once more.



  1. Your whole honeymoon looked absolutely beautiful, and I love the leek rattle - adorable. Would you mind me asking where you picked up your blue floral shirt, its so pretty!

    Sarah // healthylotus

  2. What a lovely last day! People watching in Paris is the best, to be honest. I love how they always place the chairs facing the street! And mm, Amorino is so good!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  3. I will never get bored of looking at any of your photos...ever! You just have the most magical eye for beautiful detail. Looks like you had the most magical of honeymoons lovely, utterly beautiful, just like you. xx

  4. Ah you got upgraded! I love the Eurostar even in the regular seats, you must have had the perfect trip back home!! Glad you had a fab honeymoon xx

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  5. Ahh Charlotte the last day was jus tas perfect as the rest of it, thanks for sharing it all with us! That icecream made my mouth instantly water too! Plus, great shirt you're wearing - where is it from? :) Alice xx


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