Parisian Honeymoon (part three)

On day three- Friday, we hopped out of bed sharpish and headed straight to the Champs-Elysées for a Ladurée pastry breakfast. We sat at a table inside and browsed the menu. I always choose from the same two pastries and should have gone with something new but my eyes went all heart shaped and I just couldn't be tempted by anything else. Sebastian had the french toast and loved it.
After ordering a box of macarons to take away, we browsed the area, nipping in and out of shops before heading toward Notre Dame for some lunch (this was several hours later by the way!!).
We sat and enjoyed a baguette and cold cola/beer to cool off. It was very hot again. Not as hot as Thursday (we're talking 38 degrees! and 31 degrees at night time... I thought we were supposed to be avoiding booking a hot honeymoon abroad!) but still very hot.
Once we had cooled down and felt well fed we aimed to head to the Notre Dame to catch the Batobus along the river Seine.
^^^ check out that baby bump
Along the way, we browsed the old stalls along the river and we purchased some vintage postcards and vintage prints. I chose a peachy pink hued Paris map for the house and Sebastian selected a couple of graphic novel poster prints for his studio space.
When we got to the river we found a river cruise that was only a little more expensive than the Batobus, and we receive a drink and a much better atmosphere. It wasn't a tourist based river cruise either which was just what we wanted so we bought tickets and hopped on.
I had always wanted to go on a river cruise up the river Seine and I was finally doing it. These moments were so special. Seeing all the gorgeous buildings and monuments that we know so well and love but from a different view.
We admired the views and nibbled on our macarons whilst enjoying the warm sunshine on our skin. It was just wonderful. Perfect little Honeymoon moment.
The cruise lasted an hour and a half and I didn't really want to get off it! The music was subtle and french and completed the atmosphere wonderfully. It was actually quite romantic.
We hopped back off where we began and I grabbed Sebastian's hand and led him to Shakespeare and Company. He wasn't as thrilled or excited as I was (probably due to the poke-iness of the quaint building and the amount of visitors crammed in browsing the shelves!!). Regardless, I took him upstairs where the children's books were and we selected an Oliver Jeffers copy to buy for our little babe. Sebastian waited outside whilst I queued up to pay and get it stamped with their authentic logo.
We waited patiently for my mother's favourite restaurant, Le Petit Châtelet, to open. Which is located directly next door to the infamous bookshop. The clock ticked past to 7 o'clock and we jumped to the little two seated table outside on the right. Myself and my favourite girls visited this place in May when we were here for my Bridal Party. It is so quaint and darling and I can understand why my mother loves it so. The staff are really friendly and chatty and the atmosphere is just perfect. The building is so tiny compared to it's neighbours, which tower above it. Inside are a number of different pieces of artwork of the restaurant all in different styles and mediums and they cover the walls of the upstairs.
Sebastian had a gorgeous looking steak whilst I had a rice and chicken dish. All washed down with more cola/beer, we sat and enjoyed the evening at our own pace without feeling rushed. I felt so full but was determined to have dessert which I missed out on last time. After gawking at the gorgeous sounding desserts written in French on the blackboard, I already knew what I was having! Violette ice cream! They had a choice of Lavender too but that lilac ice cream was calling my name from May. Sebastian chose crème-brûlée which was turned out being two but with different coulis! (heart-shaped eye emoji!).
...and let's just remind ourselves of that beautiful Violette ice cream again. Mmm. You're welcome!
Once we were full and content we headed back to Bastille. Before going home we wandered around for a while and decided that our last day will be spent just hanging around and exploring the area more.


  1. Day Three looks like absolute perfection! I lusted after the violet icecream before, and I'm doing it again, plus I can't believe the creme brulee came with two! That sounds like my kind of pudding! Your trip on the cruise down the Seine also sounds so good, you'll remember those moments forever :) Alice xx


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Your Laduree pastry breakfast looks perfection too! x


  3. Everything that you did sounds fab! Love your cute little baby bump too :). Mine has just started to get bigger now, I'm 23 weeks this week :). So exciting! Love that you went to that book shop and got your little one a book, I was thinking aww, bless!

    Gem x

  4. This sounds like such a dream honeymoon day - beautiful from start to finish!

    What a lovely idea to get your little one a book from your honeymoon, and from Shakespeare and Company no less!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers

  5. Another great day! Just think, you can take baby girl there when she's older and show her Paris just like you've seen it! We took our 3 kids there last summer and they loved every minute of it!!


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