The First Trimester

I promise it won't all be about pregnancy and babies on here, however, this is a lifestyle blog and being Pregnant has been one heck of a journey so far. I'd definitely like to go back and read all about it in the future.
Let's talk First Trimester. We found out I was pregnant after four weeks, so very early. It almost didn't feel true. The tests were positive, I missed a period and the nurse referred me to a midwife but I had nothing else to remind me I was growing a human inside.
It wasn't until a week later that I started feeling lethargic, dizzy and emotional. This however was nothing compared to what I was going to experience.
We told our parents straight away because it was too big of a secret to keep to ourselves. Also I really needed to talk about it to my mother!

At six weeks the morning sickness started. Along with that came all day long nausea, sleepless nights and tiredness. I wanted to hibernate. This little bean inside me was so very small but so very important and I became an important vessel. At this point I went off chocolate and Tea- something that no women will ever do willingly!
Over the next few weeks the sickness was pretty much every morning and the nausea was becoming difficult to hide and settle at work. I sipped water and nibbled rich tea biscuits all day long to keep it at bay. The tummy cramps started too- the little bean was growing faster and I could feel my insides grow with it but no physical signs of pregnancy.
Two and a half months passed and we finally received our scan date. I thought the sickness had gone for good as I hadn't been sick for over four days... I was wrong. It was still very much there. Some days I was sick twice. In fact the sickness didn't stop until a few weeks into the second trimester- a week before the wedding!
At eleven weeks, it was my Bridal shower- I felt completely fine, not sick once, a little tired but I think I was running on excitement. Thank goodness no symptoms showed as I'm sure alot of my girls would have guessed.
The twelfth week arrived and the day before our scan I had a midwife appointment and I heard little baby's heartbeat. This was so magical. It was the first time that the pregnancy/baby felt real. All I had was sickness and tiredness and nothing to see or hear or feel except that moment. The gorgeous sound of galloping horses. I cried. It was perfect. The following day was our scan and it was Sebastian's turn to feel emotional. We got to see our little baby looking like an actual teeny tiny baby. The little heartbeat pumping away on the screen, their little legs and bottom hopping and fidgeting. The feeling of tiredness and sickness didn't matter anymore.
We told our family and close friends a couple of days later and everything was worth it. The sickness was still there, the tiredness, sleepless nights, it was all still there but actually no longer felt relevant knowing it was all for an amazing cause. 
The First Trimester up until the end of the thirteenth week was very difficult. However, the hormones didn't seem to kick in at all, the sickness worked like clockwork (minus a few off days); had shower, started to eat breakfast, ran to the bathroom, carried on eating breakfast, went to work. And at weekends I enjoyed the excuse for a nap. I hoped and prayed that the next trimester would be easier and kinder.

Which it was.


  1. I've heard that naps are an amazing thing - keeps the sickness at bay.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Ahh congratulations! This is so exciting! Hope you're feeling better too!
    Gold Dust

  3. I just found out about my pregnancy yesterday!! I've been reading your posts about pregnancy and was a bit jealous haha. Now I feel like I can relate, even if I still don't feel much of a difference, just a missing period and a positive test.
    It's great to read about other women's journey. xx

  4. The second trimester is definitely the best! Enjoy. I have four kids so am hearing you well and truly. Good luck!

  5. Love reading your pregnancy posts! It's so nice to hear nice stories rather than horror ones. Hope you're enjoying every minute of it!

  6. Ahh I love reading about this. My husband and I are TTC ourselves at the moment so it's really interesting for me to read a real woman and her real experience of it all. Lovely read.


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