The Tea Drinking English Rose

As the title reads... This English Rose is finally able to stomach Tea again. Hooray! All is right with the world once more.
You are all aware from THIS very important post that being pregnant had made me go 'off' tea. This was probably due to the first few months spent feeling nauseous all day and sick in the mornings. I did try to drink it at first but it was just not happening. It may well have been the milk in the tea but in all honesty all I could manage was water and rich tea biscuits back then!
More on that another time but for now, I thought I would update you on this triumphant news. I am not drinking as much as I used to but I suppose that's a good thing at the minute- I don't want to drink too much caffeine after all.


  1. Oh thank goodness! I can't imagine anything better than drinking tea as the weather gets colder xx

  2. Congrats! Welcome back to tea-world!!

  3. Congrats! What The Tea Drinking English Rose would be without tea? :)


*Forever Love*