A Berlin Adventure

At the beginning of September I hopped on a plane to Berlin to see my beautiful best in her new habitat. I was a mixture of excited and nervous. I have never flown by myself you see. Yes I have flown many a time but I have always been with trusty friend types who have ALWAYS taken the lead!
Anyway, the journey was fine and ofcourse I had my wriggly little bebe inside to keep me company and a reason to be calm.
So this little mini break was my last little pre-baby trip. One last jaunt as a one-man-band, one last jolly with my best before settling down to nest and prepare.
I have been to Berlin once before, with said beautiful best back in Spring 2013, You can reminisce with me here.
With that being said, all the tourist spots have been done and this long weekend was for catching up, cake dates, photbooths, flea market browsing, deep and meaningfuls and tiny cinema trips.
At the airport, I was greeted by Alix's pretty face and a paper bag of treats. A handwritten vintage postcard and my favourite European sweet treat- Manner wafers! What the perfect greeting.
After a couple of huge hugs hello and the purchase of a bus ticket we headed to her apartment to catch up properly.
After the exchanging of belated birthday gifts (Frank Sinatra record, vogue and cocoa butter) and listening to her new record player (and desperately wishing for one too!) we chatted for ages over Rhubarb cordial and stepped out for Falafel before hitting the pillow.
The following day was for vegan ice cream, boutique browsing, coffee and ginger lemonade sipping, Shakespeare & Son book shop visits for bagels (which they catastrophically sold out of!) but settled on vegan chocolate cookies instead, giggled over children's books, made postcard purchases and shopped for organic vegetables and chocolate.
We finished the day off with some Elderflower cordial and the most healthiest salad I ever did have. Followed by bedtime chats and well deserved sleep.
Sunday morning was for lay-ins, organic peanut butter on Rye bread toast, Weezer and weather watching (It pretty much RAINED the whole time I was there... luckily I came equipped with ankle boots and Yellow raincoat!).
We headed out for cupcakes and cappuccinos where we spent the next couple of hours avoiding the rain and having in depth chats about life, babies and the universe.
After the rain calmed a little, and we watched a dozen of groups come and go for cake, we braved the outdoors and had a browse around the flea market. We spied some gorgeous typewriters, photo frames, records and vintage lamps.
Satisfied with our purchases we hopped on the u-bahn to more gorgeous shops and fell into Monki where I purchased some oversized dresses to sit wonderfully over my growing bump.
We then went for Bratwurst and fries before heading back to the Flea Market area for a cinema date. The cinema was not your average Cineworld or Odeon- oh nooo. It was so much better than that! It was like a bar with red velvet curtains and retro velvet fold-out seats which then backed onto what felt like an old video store. The shelves of old films led to a door in which the screening was being shown in, it had about 50 seats in (?) with fallen away wallpaper, hanging lampshades and birdcages for decor. It was amazing. We watched 'While We're Young' in English... all for 6 Euros!
On the way home we stopped for FritzCola and sipped our bottles to the bahn, We got home and I almost crashed from tiredness! All the walking had made me feel sleepy... being pregnant is no mean-feat. ...Or at least all the walking whilst being pregnant is!
Monday morning arrived and I had all my bags packed and ready to grab after a morning of vegan cake, more shop browsing and some photoboothing.
Once we had a leisurely amble around and some warm vegan brownie accompanied by a friendly dog under a beach parasol we made our way back to get my bags before heading to the airport.
I had such a wonderful, short break with lovely Alix. It was so lovely to stay with her in her gorgeous Berlin apartment. It was so nice to see all her local haunts and eat at all her favourite places and experience it from her views as a resident.
It went ever so quickly but already looking forward to next time when I'll be visiting with a little family in tow. Taking all those family portraits in those black & white photobooths, eating all the vegan cupcakes and ice creams with a little one. Visiting galleries and eating Bratwurst by the river. How wonderful.


  1. I keep thinking about going to Berlin, these pictures remind me of why I should go! Glad you had a great time and your friend has settled in. ;)

  2. How amazing! I've always wanted to go to Berlin, and Germany in general. Your photos are giving me major feels about going!


  3. Looks lovely! I've always thought Berlin wouldn't suit me but after seeing your pictures I stand corrected :D

  4. Omg, dreamy photos! You are such a cute pair and Berlin looks just beautiful through your eyes. :)

  5. Berlin is an amazing city. I went there last summer and loved how quirky, cool and varied it was! It really looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  6. Looks like you had such a great time, I have never been to Berlin before so I think it might be next on the agenda. It looks so cool, plus all those cafes and flea markets, what more could I want?!

    Jodie |


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