Adventuring in Autumn

It's hard not to start every post with me declaring my passion for Autumn and how happy I am that it is upon us. Walking along my favourite rural patch in the centre of town, with Sebastian and camera in tow, Saturday was spent dreaming about the Autumnal days that are creeping in. That morning chill, the intervals of rainfall, the falling leaves scattering the pathways. But on top of all that, and the new beautiful illustrated Starbucks cups as the perfect accessory, it's all about the wardrobe upgrade!
I have never been fond of Summer and the colours/prints it brings us so when the season changes my heart skips a beat at all the muted, dark hued garments, woolen scarves, knitted tights, felt brimmed hats. Oh I am seriously in my happy place. Any excuse to wear all grey, black with hints of Burgundy.
On Saturday the chill was present accompanied by a gorgeous warm sunshine- the perfect combination if you ask me. So I grabbed my floppy hat and cape and went in search for conkers.
Swirling around in my gorgeous new muted aztec-style patterned cape* I imagined the wonderful sounds of Stevie Nicks playing around me and if this were a scene in a film, 'Edge of Seventeen' would be playing on the soundtrack at that very moment.
I teamed the fringed cape with a pair of black 'skinny' Maternity jeans* and my black oversized tunic. These are my first 'over the bump' jeans and were surprisingly rather comfy! it made a change from constantly pulling up my 'under the bump' pair. Enjoying the gentle breezes, I made the most of wearing my trusty grey wool hat to complete the look.
The best part of early Autumn is that it's not quite cold enough for the full coat and scarf partnership but still cold enough to wear a jumper and jeans out. I love nothing more than cosying up in a chunky knit sweater and thick socks & ankle boots. But for sunny weekend exploring a pair of simple pumps is sufficient attire.
We failed to find conkers but we did stumble upon orangey-hued pinecones and tasty looking blackberries. So tasty that they had already been nibbled by birds and other creatures!! Not quite enough for a homemade pie or crumble (even if I am desperate to make one!).
Aren't fruit crumbles the most perfect bake for this time of year? I need to start getting my skills back in play as when bebe gets here my idea of Motherhood is creating all sorts of wonderful homely delights for the family.
Wrapping up in a cape will most likely be my go-to this Autumn, luckily my camel coat still fits over the bump but for how long I don't know. The cape seems like a wonderful creation to hug my darling bump... If I HAVE to brave the outdoors of course. However, I can easily snuggle up indoors with it too, if the heating is on and there is still a slight chill.
What is your favourite Autumnal accessory? Apart from a homemade garland of pinecones adorning your window frames.

Now I have you craving a listen to a Stevie Nicks record, I'm off to do the same.

Photography by MR TTDER


  1. Look at you!! You are such a stylish mama to be. I'm hoping M&S has some nice capes this year as mother sweet pea gave me some vouchers for my bday. Autumn is definitely my favourite for clothing. xxx

  2. oh beautiful!
    I love autumn too !!
    I hate to say i love the pumpkin craze... i do i do.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  3. This is just gorgeous! and bump is looking so sweet. x

  4. Wow, you look stunning in these pics :D

    Mel ♥

  5. I love this outfit, especially the wrap!

    xo, Liz

  6. You look fantastic Charlotte. :) Such gorgeous clothes and you are just glowing. xo

  7. I'm a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and 70's attire. You look fab. Hurrah for Autumn!

  8. You look amazing Charlotte! I'm more of a Autumn person too x

    Josie’s Journal


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