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At 26 weeks, the third trimester just around the corner, finding beautiful clothes to fit nicely over the bump has been somewhat hard.
However, apart from the few good finds from Topshop I have ditched the obvious choices after having no such luck with finding anything that I either like or that suits me... and fallen back in love with Swedish brand Monki.
I have owned a few pieces from Monki in the past and for stylish, quality products they sure do have a purse friendly price tag. Their AW collection is just a perfect mix of monochrome, Navy, Burgundy, Mustard and wool mix. And the best part- oversized dresses!
Whilst vacationing in Berlin with my best, I popped into the store and resisted spending all my Euros on gorgeous Autumnal necessities. I did however purchase a few voluminous dresses in Black.
Next pay day I'm going to fill my virtual basket with grey wool mix button up dresses, monochrome tunic dresses, chelsea boots and woolen scarves all teamed with my current camel coat, nude nails and thick black tights. I am so pleased I get to be heavily pregnant in my favourite season and I don't even need to be spending my wages on "Maternity" wear when I can buy a few gorgeous pieces in my own size that I can wear after babe is here.


  1. The structured top dress is so lovely. I'm a huge fan of oversized clothes, they're just so comfy,and perfect for cosying up in once the weather gets chilly!

  2. I am loving the hats. I didn't know you could still wear those in autumn.


  3. Ohmygosh, I think you have just got me addicted to Monki. I equal parts thank you and also shudder in anticipation of bank account depletion ;)

  4. Cute!! I would definitely wear all of those pieces even if I'm not pregnant - haha! Also, I love filling up my virtual shopping basket. It's gives me a ton of satisfaction even if I can't afford it ;)

  5. Love all of these pieces (and I'm not even preggo!), happy almost 3rd trimester :) xo

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