The Second Trimester

Now I'm pretty sure the second trimester lasted so much longer than the first! Which I actually count my blessings for because it has been wonderful.

For the first few weeks I was still being sick, up until week sixteen where it all finally started to fade, the nausea too. Which I could not be more thankful for because week seventeen was wedding week! Oh how grateful I was.
I had a very small but visible bump during week sixteen and seventeen. A cute little bump in my wedding dress. Then, as if by magic, week eighteen saw a growth spurt. Not a huge one but a noticeable one. Enough for me to slip into maternity 'under the bump' jeans quite comfortably.
Around week eighteen/nineteen the ugly hormones started to show. Ohh goodness how I was not expecting these mood swings... I don't think Sebastian was either (sorry!!!). Luckily for me he had already put a ring on my finger by this point so there was no going back! These were just horrible. One minute I was happy and giggling, the next I would burst into tears. Seriously. One evening I just felt down, no idea why- over dinner, Sebastian asked me what was wrong and I just burst into tears... with a mouth full of mash potato I might add. I could not explain myself.
Another evening, alone but content, watching a film on Netflix (The Best of Me) I cried so hard that if you walked in the room you'd think Sebastian had just broken up with me! I know I know it's hilarious now but Jeez!
Other times I'd just yell at Sebastian for doing something wrong or buying me fries when I wanted Porridge (Even though I ALWAYS want fries!). I am such a bitch.

Honestly though, that was the only downside of this trimester, and it really wasn't often. Though I am sure they will still be hanging around to pay a few more visits during the next few months.
Around week nineteen the little flutters that I thought I felt the week before became more noticeable and I felt movement. It was the weirdest thing. I also got my love for tea back (Yay!).

At the end of week nineteen we had our second scan. We got to see the gorgeous little bean again. Except this time it was way bigger than a bean and much more fidgetty! So much so that the sonographer had to call us back for a rescan! They told us baby looked healthy (with the parts they COULD see) and that they 'thought' it was a girl but couldn't be too sure due to the little fidget.
We were called back two weeks after and had everything else checked including baby gender in which we were told 'it's definitely a girl'! It suddenly felt real. This baby inside me is a person, she's our daughter. Wow.
Week twenty one brought real kicks and wriggles. It was the most wonderful feeling. Each week goes by and each movement gets stronger and more special. My favourite thing to do in the evening is to just lie on the bed and just watch my tummy wriggle and ripple and kick. It is THE most amazing thing I have ever seen.
The best thing about these special movements is that I selfishly get to feel them all day. It's for me, me and my baby girl experiencing this bond already. It's perfect.

When I was around twenty three weeks my bump began to grow more and more and my belly button was on the verge of popping out (It still hasn't popped out, I kind of hope it doesn't!). It has grown nicely ever since and apparently it is a 'nice, small, tidy' bump. I absolutely love it. I really really love it. I am wearing loose size 12 dresses and leggings and avoiding the Maternity section (because they aren't all that!).
The exhaustion I had in the first trimester disappeared- I had more energy, looked healthier and felt amazing. 
Apart from the odd dizzy spell everything was and is going well. I booked myself in for Prenatal yoga (which is amazing by the way!) and reserved a spot for both Sebastian and I to attend NCT workshops at the end of November.
I'm now 29 weeks, finally into the Third Trimester and the EDD is slowly getting closer.
Apart from the occasional leg cramp in the night, the constant need to pee and waking up every time I roll over, this trimester has been absolutely wonderful. Once the sickness disappeared and the hormones were at bay I have enjoyed every day of pregnancy so far. It's magical and fascinating and I am astounded by how wonderful the female body is. I have NEVER loved my body as much as I do right now. My leaky nipples (TMI?), my perfect smooth round bump, each wriggle and kick- This is happiness it really is.


  1. Your little bump really does like perfect on you! :D xx

  2. Gorgeous post, gorgeous bump and soon to be gorgeous baby! :D

  3. This brought back so many memories for me and my pregnancy, I miss being pregnant so much. Good lick with your third trimester!! X

  4. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Pregnancy suits you SO much Mrs TW. Can't wait to see you soon, hopefully.

    SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU. xxxxx


*Forever Love*