The Sweet notes of September

Well I have been waiting for Summer to be over all... Summer! I know I know, alot of people will give me THAT look but this time of year is my happy place.
As soon as September stepped it's Autmnal foot in my life it has been chilly and grey and I absolutely love it.
Welcome crunchy leaves, welcome rainy puddles, welcome fruit pies, welcome chunky knit sweaters, welcome mugs of hot chocolate, welcome muted nail colour, welcome long & cosy evenings, welcome scarves, mittens & bobble hats, welcome Autumn.
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So as the nights draw in, the candles dotted around the house, cold toes get covered with chunky walking socks, warm cups of tea to warm the insides, the excitement of Christmas and very special new arrivals.

I sure do love Autumn.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who absolutely loves Autumn and waited for Summer to go :)!

  2. Ah this post has gotten me even more excited for autumn than I already was - didn't even realise that was possible!!
    Megan x

  3. I LOVE Autumn! By far my favourite season...the cosy nights in sitting at the fire with a good book and some cocoa. Love it xx

  4. I sure do love autumn too!

  5. Oh I'm so with you - I'm really happy Autumn is here! I do like Summer, but I definitely prefer Autumn. And you've described it perfectly.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  6. Happy September to you - I love the cusp of autumn; September and October are my favourite books.

    Lizzie Dripping

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    Much love!

  8. I love autumn, such a lovely post which is making me more excited!

  9. Aww these pictures have really made me look forward to autumn! They're so cosy <3 xx

  10. I love autumn so much, your post makes me even more excited for a new uni term and the changing of the seasons. Your pie looks amazing, I've literally just been watching bake off and this is worthy of it!!! Xx

  11. I massively miss British autumn, ours really aren't the same :(


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