Who's sitting in my sidebar// September

September has gone by so quickly, almost as quickly as Summer... wait, almost as quickly as this WHOLE year in fact!
Let's make a small cup of hot cocoa and take a little look at some of the lovely bloggers that are in my sidebar this month and peruse their cosy Autumnal posts...

Mimmi: tea lover, bookworm, dreamer.

This gorgeous blog is pretty, whimsical and inspiring. Mimmi is a swedish girl living in Glasgow and every posts she writes has me hooked in her little world. Early mornings, tea, Harry Potter... she also describes herself as a 'granny stuck in a young body'- Girl after my own heart.
Her adventure posts inspire me to grab my Autumn coat, hop on a train and visit a local town and take every little detail in. Mimmi's posts also inspire me to start taking my camera everywhere with me, my phone just won't cut it.
Favourite Posts: Cockleroy hill, cupcakes & south queensferry (-because I love Adventure posts involving pastel buildings, coffee shops and cake.) & Afternoon tea at the butterfly and the pig (-because I love tearooms more than coffee shops and this post has me craving cake and china plate displays!).

Anna: polkadots, glittery eye shadow, daydreamer.

This lovely blog is a pleasant mix of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and nostalgia. Anna describes herself as a little shy, a geek and a daydreamer... well I'm already hooked- are you? Anna is married to her sweetheart and shares the same love for Summer as I do- the non-existent kind.
Her latest post on her confession of being a picky eater really hit home with me. Being pregnant with a tiny human has really stressed me out when trying to eat more vegetables. This is such a good read.
Favourite Posts: The confessions of a Picky Eater (-because she was brave to write it and I can relate so much!) & Why I hate Summertime (-because I don't need to explain!!!).

I hope you have enjoyed browsing their blogs as much as I do.
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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! It's been a pleasure advertising with you :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! <3 Omg I didn't relied we share so much in common.
    When I was pregnant it was stressing me out a lot about eating more vegetables, I ended up miscarriage but during those time every day I would wake up thinking I must eat carrot! (iIt the on veg i like).
    I'm just glad summer is over for another year, sunshine - baah humbug.


*Forever Love*