A couple of weekends ago, I hopped on a train to the big smoke to have tea and cake with Betty's and a whole room full of lovely bloggers.
I have longed for a trip to York for quite some time, not just for the glorious town and lovely setting but for a trip to Betty's tearoom. However, on this particular sunny Saturday, Betty's came to London for a pop up event in Islington.
After some bubbles (or Elderflower fizz for me!) we gathered around a small team of Betty's staff who then gave us a short introduction of how Betty's was created and what lovely things they do. A lovely lady then demonstrated her icing skills on the top of some delicious looking Fondant Fancies (one of their specialties!) before giving us the challenge of icing our own.
I must admit it was harder than it looked- I'm no cake decorator that's for sure! I'll bake but it stops at a dusting of icing or a sprinkling of berries or sugar sprinkles.
Once we had all finished and handed the team our boxes of decorated fancies, they went off to judge the best ones whilst we were set another challenge.
Each table were given a box of delicious treats (Emma, Emma and I were Team Torte) and instructed to arrange a tea party using the wonderful edibles and some gorgeous crockery and tableware. We all hurried to the table of 'props' and filled our arms with enough pretty plates and rose gold teaspoons we could carry!
Once we were satisfied with our table arrangement, took plenty of snaps, we filled our cups with tea and tucked into the gorgeous treats that laden our table. We nibbled on fruit & chocolate florentines, Apricot filled chocolate torte, Autumnal hued fondant fancies, pink champagne truffles and Fox iced chocolate brownie cupcakes. It was a feast. We all suffered from a sugar-high after that.
The prizes were given out to the best dressed fondant fancies and we were given boxes to fill up with all our cake leftovers to take home. We were also given a lovely embroidered tote bag each filled with tea, macarons and a book (perfect combination!).
It was a lovely afternoon and I had such a wonderful time nibbling cake, sipping tea and meeting some wonderful bloggers. Thanks to Betty's for hosting such a fab event!

You can see more snaps from others by searching for the event's hashtag #BettysTeaParty on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. This sounds like such a fun little event! All the sweet treats just look divine! x

  2. Ahh I'm so jealous - I love everything about this! My housemate's Mum used to send him cakes from Betty's in the post and they were absolutely delicious! Alice xx

  3. Ah this looks like the perfect day out. All great days always involve cake!

  4. This is event is so beautiful! All those delicious sweets and treats are gorgeous! x

    Martha Jane |

  5. This sounds like such a lovely event and all the cakes look delicious! I'd love to have a tea party at Betty's!

  6. This post makes me peckish =]

  7. This looks like such a fun event. I live in Yorkshire so am lucky enough to never be too far from a Betty's shop. I adore their fondant fancies. xx

  8. This looks like my DREAM event. Tea, amazing cake, fondant fancies, icing and learning how to set up a beautiful tea party. You lucky lady. How great that they went to LDN though, great idea to get them out there even more!
    York is a beautiful place and I will forever long to live there in a lovely cottage with 500 persian cats and spend my weekends in Bettys!!! One day...

    Jodie |

  9. These looks so yummy! It's been nice to see this event also spoken about on other blogger's websites, seems like you all had such a lovely time!


  10. I am DROOLING reading this. It sounds like a beautiful event and your pictures are incredible too xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  11. This sounds like an amazing event! Who doesn't love tea parties? All the cakes look just amazing, and it sounds like you had a lovely time :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings


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