Perfectly imPerfect Pumpkins

I have spent my first week off seeing loved ones and being organised, this is very much what I have planned for next week too. But then maternity leave officially starts and I'm planning nothing but rest for the first few days. Lots of nesting to be had.
Back to this week, my best Suz is on annual leave too and we have done and planned a few lovely things including a visit to Perry Court farm on Tuesday in search for pumpkins.
I loved the idea of the Pick Your Own Pumpkins but unfortunately the Pumpkin patches near are only open on weekends. So the next best thing (but possibly even better) was a trip to the farm. Upon arrival we were greeted with large crates overflowing with enormous orange pumpkins with swirly stalks and squashed squashes and gourds. It was pretty wonderful. I had my heart set on a selection of oddly shaped and pastelly hued squashes to display at home. I wasn't disappointed.
^^^ Suz and her wonderful pumpkin
We piled our arms high with grey/green muted toned pumpkins, clean white miniatures and odd but beautiful flat orange versions. I could have loaded a barrow but decided against it. We ambled around the huge farm shop and ogled at the fresh vegetables, the baskets of delicious looking apples, the large displays of floral seed packets and hunted for dark chocolate coated Brazil nuts.
^^^me and my wonderful... 'pumpkin'!
Once we were satisfied with our selection of squashes, had decided on all the brazil nut options and added a bonus bottle of root beer for Sebastian, we hopped into the car and went on our merry way.
The rest of the week has been so busy, I feel so exhausted! It has been wonderful though. I definitely appreciated the extra hour this weekend!! Another reason to love Autumn- Time travel!!!


  1. I've never seen pumpkins like this before! Makes me want to find myself a farm and getting picking! So excited for Halloween this year!

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. You look so beautiful, positively glowing!

  3. Aw how cute are those pumpkins. Looking good lady with your beautiful little bump x

  4. Is that a pumpkin up your dress? :) Not much longer now....


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