That time Sunny Sweet Pea came to stay

A few weeks ago, my girl Jenny came to stay at the Turton-Wall residence. The last few times I have seen her we have been knee-deep in weddings and wedding related things (both mine and hers!) so it was lovely to finally catch up properly.
I was a typical tired pregnant lady and didn't have too much energy to do alot but we chilled Friday night and ended up staying up quite late chatting.
On Saturday I forgot to set my alarm and my tired bones did not want to get up AT all. SO much so that I woke up to the subtle noises of dear Jenny making her OWN cup of tea. What a bad host! We had breakfast, got ready and hopped in her car to a cute little tearoom in the countryside. Badgers Hill Farm is the cutest little haunt if you're looking for some tea and cake, garden pottery and some local jams and cider.
It's also the place to go for a little wander and some afternoon catch ups with some gorgeous farm animals. The cheeky donkeys and scruffy pigs come over to greet you, the cockerels and chickens peck the path you walk upon and the Alpacas and wallabies in the large pen are the cutest things. They also have a goat!
After a wander around the farm, and a cream tea in the greenhouse upon mismatched furniture we purchased some Elderflower punch from the shop and went on our merry way back to my house.
We had a little chill time before going out to my beautiful best's house for a belated birthday celebration; 'Popcorn on the Lawn'.
Sebastian, Jenny and I packed our bags and filled them with blankets and fizz and walked to Suz's house for an evening of movies and popcorn.
We arrived, caught up with friends and piled our plates high with cheese, crackers and bread. Then we filled bowls with ice cream and homemade salted caramel sauce and dustings of honeycomb before taking our seats and wrapping under blankets to watch the end of Die Hard followed by Armageddon.
After a night of snuggling up together in front of an outdoor cinema in Suz's back garden, Jenny and I spent Sunday in our pyjamas watching Magic Mike (she finally made me watch it!) and then some ambling into town for snacks and lunch in the park.
I can't wait to see Jenny at the end of next month for some Festive fun. We always have such lovely, wonderful times together.


  1. Outdoor cinema is brave at this time of year, but I love the sound of your weekend together, perfect time to catch up and chill together! :D Alice xx

  2. What a wonderful time you had with Jenny. Our outdoor cinema is closed now but you surely had a splendid time. The tea room looks lovely and it's always an adventure to see the critters. A wonderful posting, thanks for sharing.

    Autumn blessings,

  3. What a wonderful day it must have been! And homemade salted caramel?! Oh my. xx!


*Forever Love*