A soft farewell

So today marks the day that our family home is sold and left behind for someone else's family to start their own memories. I didn't think I would be as sad as I am though as I left my pretty attic bedroom to start a new life with Sebastian back in December 2010. But needless to say it's been hard. I didn't get to have a proper goodbye and a moment alone sitting cross-legged on the bare wooden floors. Truth be told I guess I detached myself from this place a long time ago, for reasons I won't go into, except it genuinely no longer felt like MY home.
Going through old Facebook snaps and old blog posts I smiled. I absolutely LOVED my time there. Yes there were some pretty grey days and memories that I'd rather stay locked up in those journals I bravely threw out a few summers ago. But there were some great chapters. There were break ups (of all kinds), there was love, there were late nights, there was some pretty awesome family times, there were kisses, there were magical Christmases, there was snow, there were those cute wild ponies in the woods behind the garden, there were chickens, giant bunnies, a handful of cats, Tilly~Rose, there were games, there were new loves, there were parties, there were a whole bunch of haircuts and colours! There was alot of fun.
For me there is no better time to let go, Sebastian and I are married, we have a little one on the way and we have a future of different homes to start memories and traditions and wonderful moments of our own. Things are never really the same again for anyone in a house full of memories- the children grow up, the parents separate, the walls get re-painted, we leave home and come back and leave again. It's hard to say goodbye but let's face it... things will never have been the same and it's best to leave a house full of wonderful memories, chipped floorboards and a beautiful flowered garden and make way for new adventures. Adventures perhaps that one would have been too scared to make if it hadn't been for timing and unfortunate circumstances.
So as I gaze through my blog and this post full of wonderful throwbacks, on this day, I say goodbye silently sitting in my own cosy spot draped with fairylights, a wriggly bump, and just smile. Smile that I have these memories, that I captured these moments and that I'm truly grateful for a wonderful upbringing and lovely traditions back at Wychwood Cottage. We still have our family, even if they may be scattered around the country. We still have traditions and we still have more to make! Life is what we make it after all.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Glad you have some lovely memories to hold on to x

  2. This was such a beautiful post, Charlotte! It's always slightly bittersweet, moving on from one part of your life and on to the next, but I'm sure that you and your family will have many good times yet to come :)
    Hope you're having a good weekend :) xxx

  3. Parting with a family home is like losing a parent - I cried when my Dad sold our house. It is full of good and bad memories and there is no way to go back once it is gone. It is great you have lots of photos. And you are onto a wonderful new stage in your life.

  4. This is a gorgeous post. I really, really miss my old house. A lot of bad memories, but so many good ones outweighed it.

    Feel all nostalgic now xx

  5. What a lovely post xx

  6. Cat and mouse! I like it. Great photos :)


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