Cosy moments & Life Lately

This afternoon I am feeling a little exhausted which sometimes makes me feel a little down. So I have popped the record player on and am listening to Frank's 'That's Life', fairy lights on, fluffy slippers wrap my toes, gingerbread Viennese whirl at hand and I feel better already.
This week was my first official week of Maternity leave and I have mostly spent it sorting through things in the house and creating yet more piles for charity shops and another trip to the tip. I hadn't realised quite how much 'stuff' we had between us.
However, yesterday I had a break from all the hard work. My friend popped over in the morning for tea and festive treats and a mega catch up. I then made myself some lunch time porridge (with added edible sparkles... because Christmas!) and sat on the sofa with twinkly lights and candles lit and listened to my favourite Christmas song on vinyl before deciding to watch a Christmas film. I watched Serendipity as I hadn't watched it for some years and it was just as soppy and silly and amazing as I remember. Perfect afternoon in whilst it was grey and rainy outside.
I have managed to spend a couple of moments this week to sit and relax a little throughout all the tidying, sorting and waiting for deliveries. Whether it was making myself a small cup of hot chocolate filled to the brim with spooky Hallowe'en mallows, or spending an hour writing letters to my friends filled with Christmas spirit and stickers, or having a moment to myself with my wriggly bump just sitting and taking everything in, or meeting a friend in town for a festive coffee and chats.
Now I'm ready for all the 'stuff' to be cleared away and my little lady's dresser to arrive so I can fill the lavender scented drawers with gorgeous little dresses and pastel rompers and little tiny nappies. Oh I am so very excited for it all to come together. I would just like it to all happen right now... but patience is a virtue and it will all be worth it in the end. *sigh* Sometimes I just sit here and my mind wanders and my heart swells and I just feel emotion... happy emotions and how wonderful everything is.
Now to think seriously about Christmas and to get super organised so I won't feel panic nearer the time. Oh it's all going to be magical. Our very first Christmas at home together... and as a married couple AND as parents! Wow 2015!!!

Ps. How is it 47 days until Christmas... already?!


  1. Serendipity - one of mine and Jack's favourite films xoxo

  2. I love Serendipity! Your home looks so cozy :)

    xo, Liz

  3. Very cosy indeed! Love that little house, how exciting moving all those sweet little clothes into their new place, enjoy! Katie x

  4. SO excited for Christmas (no one in the states gets it-they think I am getting excited way too early haha)! Also, so excited for the beautiful blog posts that I am sure will go up from you with your precious little one! I hope this holiday season is everything you wish it to be :)

    Marnie, Currently

  5. Hi Lovely, you take beautiful photos. Put your feet up and enjoy life while you still can. xx

  6. I remember that feeling oh so well! Looking at my bump, imagining life when bump enters the world and the realisation that massive changes are heading my way.
    Enjoy these extra special moments with yourself, hubby and bump. Soon life will never be the same again....and it's even more magical that you could possibly ever dream of.

  7. Enjoy this quiet down time while it lasts. These inutes are the calm before the (beautiful) storm. :)


*Forever Love*