Festive Fun with Friends

Last week my gorgeous friend Sara came to stay one last time before flying home to Canada in December. I had the most wonderful time- full of giggles, Elf hats, silly moments, Christmas films and festive treats.
I greeted Sara at the station on the wettest-windiest day this Autumn. I seriously had to fight back the tears as I had struggled in the strong winds, but then Sara's smilie face made it all better. We were blown into town where we stocked up on treats before heading home to the warm.
After dinner we had a few funny five minutes being silly and decided to braid our hair into beards... yes- BEARDS! Not sure what came over us but it could well be the prosecco infused festive crisps we bought (sorry baby!). After some teary eyed giggles we got our hair in check and headed out with Sebastian to meet a friend for drinks. We were promised a night of board games and catch ups and weren't disappointed. Except... half the stash of board games were near to empty- I expect there have been a few drunken souls that have ended up with bags filled with counters and cards.
We ended up playing Connect Four in teams and it got more competitive that we expected it to!
After some more goofing around we walked back to ours for late night warm mince pies and mulled fruit punch before falling into our slumbers.
The following morning called for delicious Cherry Bakewell porridge (team work!) and tea in the cosy morning sunlight. In our pyjamas we watched a few festive films whilst chatting about Christmas traditions and such. We watched Arthur Christmas and The Santa Clause.
We spent the whole day feasting on Christmas treats and endless cups of tea. The winter berry and prosecco crisps were finished, metallic shimmery macarons were devoured, brandy sauce filled iced fruit buns were enjoyed.
We chatted about Canada, futures, families, Christmas, bakes and more. We sung Mariah Carey, Michael Buble and Wham. We danced liked Elves and performed the 'England snow dance' and 'reverse Canada snow dance'. We got ready to face the chilly outside and sadly ambled to the train station for Sara's train ride home back to Brighton.
After a couple of hugs goodbye and sad faced smiles, I scrambled back home through the park and cut through town and climbed into bed where I napped the afternoon away in my elf hat. I woke up feeling droopy mouthed and welcomed Sebastian home with a hug. I felt sad. We both did.

I tend to make friends with kind sweet souls... who live no where near me! I shall miss my elfin buddy but look forward to that text telling me shes coming to England to visit and potentially staying... that is if I haven't married her off to one of our English friends before then!
I have made many online friends from blogging and Instagram and the like. But Sara is one true friend that I believe is forever... our little blogs were meant to find eachother. There may be an ocean between us (for now anyway!!) but what's a little water between friends?! 
All I can say is 'Canada, I'll be seeing you!'!


  1. It sounds like you both had such a lovely time! And I love your elf hat, where is it from?!


  2. Sounds like you had an incredibly lovely and Christmassy weekend! I know the feeling though - my closest friends all live far away from me. It's difficult!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  3. Sounds like you had such a wonderful weekend Charlotte! I love all your festive snaps x


  4. Beautiful post; sounds like a most lovely weekend. Pretty photos xx

  5. looks so much fun! :))

    xoxo, rae

  6. So many treats! I saw the crisps with stars on Sara's blog and need to find some of my own. :)

  7. Oh, you got so much Christmas DVDs! I am so jealous :) I hope I will have enough time this December to watch some Christmas movies while eating mandarins.


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