October is...

October is for warm porridge cooked on the stove drizzled with honey and sprinkles of sliced banana and flaked almonds on a cold early morning. October is for selecting only the perfect little imperfect pumpkins to carve or to display upon your mantle. October is for woodland strolls with your love, hand in hand, wrapped up in coats and oversized checked scarves scooping up crunchy golden leaves and prickly chestnut shells.
October is for admiring the gorgeous early sunsets peering through the sparingly twiggy trees and their golden yellow leaved branches. October is for thick socks and new ankle boots for jumping and swishing through piles of fallen leaves and damp pinecones. October is for making plans for Hallowe'en and November bonfires and Christmas lists. October is for spying brightly painted Orange front doors and pretending that the owners painted it especially for Autumn.
October is for hot chocolates in bed served in small mugs with Hallowe'en marshmallow skulls and bones floating at the top. October is for watching American Horror Stories and scary horror films under blankets in your pyjamas and cosy thick socks. October is for eating pumpkin pie, unless you're not keen on pumpkin and then it's for Hallowe'en shaped chocolates and screme eggs and black jelly.
October is for dressing up and playing Trick or Treat or attending dinner parties or work events. October is for warm spiced apple drinks and huge cups of hot tea snuggled on the sofa with the candles lit. October is for short bursts of heated radiators and cosy homes and cosy toes. October is for warm bubble baths and lavender candles and naps and black nails. October is for family meals, feeling the tiny growing human inside wriggling around and Christmas countdowns- 53 days!
October is best, but November is better.


  1. This was such a lovely read and all I want to do now is snuggle up with a blanket and cup of tea with candles lit everywhere!

    Eunice Caroline |

  2. So happy for you Charlotte. <3 I cannot wait to see that bebe!

  3. Aah this post is so atmospheric and cosy. I love October, and it sounds like you've had a wonderful month. I hope November will be just as good, or better!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  4. Your pictures on this post are gorgeous, here's to a wonderful November!

    Emmie |


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