The Third Trimester

Less than 4 weeks away until the little lady is due and things are starting to feel oh so real now. With discussions of birth plans and the delayed delivery of our nursery furniture only happening this week I have had a few (very small) moments of panic and bouts of feeling overly unorganised.
Truth be told though, I'm actually more ready than I thought! Making lists have helped me so much over the past few weeks. Lists of 'To do's', lists of 'Still to get's' and lists of how many sleepsuits, bodysuits, bags of nappies etc we have. I appear to be doing ok.

So, Week 28 came around quickly and my midwife arranged for me to have a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) as my grandmother had diabetes. The results were back a few days later and all appeared normal, as did my bloods.
^^^ Post-nap hair is the best kind of hair (teamed with rosy cheeks!)

The following few weeks I continued to feel content. The leg/foot cramps started again during the night and the heartburn has been consistent and only just in the last four weeks or so has gotten worse... yet manageable.
My midwife appointments were scheduled every three weeks instead of four and now they are every two. The little one's heartbeat is wonderful and my amazing, solid bump has been measured during these last few appointments. The measurements were all on schedule but my midwives may have measured differently to one another so I'm being sent for another scan to be on the safe side.

During this trimester I was offered both the Whooping cough and flu vaccinations which I had made sure to carry out enough research (and experience) before making my decisions. I decided to have the whooping cough vaccination only, this has been recommended to protect my baby until she's 2 months when she'll have further immunisations. Seeing as the flu vaccination is to protect me only I decided this was unnecessary. Working within the NHS environment I am offered this every year and a few years ago I suffered with a horrible flu-like virus and ever since I have avoided the very thing. Every winter I avoid viruses, including the sniffles and look after my health so this year is no different. (Plus PMA!!!). My midwives respected my decisions, as did my husband- the nurse who gave me my vaccination for whooping cough however wasn't as supportive.
You need to remember that whatever you feel is right for YOU and YOUR baby is your decision to make and no other. Family/medical professions/everyone and his wife can offer their opinion and advice but whatever you feel is right for you, be confident and stand your ground.
I scheduled my Maternity leave to start at the beginning of November (at 34 weeks) and luckily had two weeks of annual leave to use up which I added on. It took me ages to decide on what was the best amount of time to take before the due date.
I decided 6 weeks was perfect for me because I really wanted to have Christmas organised and mostly done/planned before baby arrives. I also really loved the idea of having some time to myself before our little one joins the team. I knew I wouldn't have this precious time back and wanted some real good 'me' time. I have mostly been tidying/sorting and nesting but the next few weeks promise some down-time filled with festive films and Christmas gift making... and napping!

At over 36 weeks in I am now feeling heavy, uncomfortable and very 'compact'. The tiredness has come back and I feel exhausted yet sleeping is pretty hard. Getting to sleep feels like it takes forever- I expect it's because my brain is in overdrive and I have already experienced a 'giving birth' dream (miraculous birth by the way- did it all myself, not even a midwife present... Yeh definitely a dream!!!). Also getting comfortable and rolling over feels like a HUGE ordeal and poor Sebastian isn't getting the sleep he deserves... guess it really is setting us up for what's to come.
Little lady's wriggles are heavy and strong and sometimes a little uncomfortable but still pretty magical in my eyes. I can feel her nuzzling down into position and wowee is that an experience. I have had little twinges and aches but nothing major, I'm pretty sure it's just her fidgeting about rather than these infamous 'Braxton Hicks' but I'm sure I'll know for sure once I've had little lady and experience the real deal (contractions).

My hormones and cravings have been kept at bay. Though I DID have a little love for 'Screme eggs', yes the Hallowe'en version of the classic Easter egg. I have no idea why (and I really didn't like them back in Spring). I had about one a day and Sebastian had to keep a stash of them in case the shops ran out as we did experience that once or twice! Oh and there was that time that I desperately wanted a yoghurt after seeing Sebastian eating some late one night. 
I finally feel a little more ready, a little more prepared and even though I am not as 'organised' as all the websites and emails and apps say I should be, I feel confident and excited as ever. Sebastian and I still have a few moments when we look at eachother and we're like "Woah". It's pretty surreal still! Like, we're going to be actual PARENTS soon! Well, I suppose we already are.


  1. How exciting for you both! You can never be ready and perfectly organised in any life situation, and it sounds like you're doing just fine! Relish in being pregnant while you can and enjoy every moment of it, it'll be worth it when you see her gorgeous little face.

    Wishing you the very best of luck.

    Charlotte xx

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  3. Oh it seems all very exciting! Good luck for you & bump. I'm sure she'll be just beautiful xx

  4. That is so exciting! I can't wait to have my own children, but that's in the future! I'm so happy for you. I completely agree with you about doing what you think is right and what's best for you and your baby! :)
    Can't wait for your next update.


  5. Oh CHARLOTTE! I get flutters in my tummy just reading this! I can't wait to see her!! Is that odd?!?! She's just going to be a little angel!!!! I'm so very excited and happy for you both! I also can't believe how quick its all gone?!?

    Sally xxx

  6. 100% with you on making the choices that are right for you & your kiddo. I declined both and you don't half get treated like a naughty little child sometimes! I think the most important thing is to do your own research, take the advice of your midwife or Dr, do further research and then come to the conclusion that's right for you and your family. My mum was a midwife and said everyone would drop like flies when given the flu jab so it's interesting to hear your experience as well working within the NHS! x


*Forever Love*