Who's sitting in my sidebar// November

I can't quite believe how quickly this year has gone. It's November already. Already!?! I mean seriously. 
Anyway, let's slow down time a little and make a cup of hot tea and take a little look at some of the lovely bloggers that are in my sidebar this month and catch up on their Autumnal adventures...

Abigail: A country girl living in the city, daydreamer, lover of stories.

Firstly- I love this lady's blog. Her posts are so cosy and, well, 'Snug'! Perfect for this season wouldn't you agree?! Her blog has had a little bit of a makeover since we last spoke about her gorgeous site and it's looking wonderful. I just love reading her blog, her 'Bake Off' posts make me drool and want to get my wooden spoon and recipe books out. Her Autumnal adventures inspire me to grab my mittens, my coat and go jumping in crunchy golden leaves!!!
Favourite Posts: The colours of Autumn (-because look at her cute face enjoying throwing handfuls of leaves! Her weekend adventure to Norfolk in a gorgeous orangey hue looks so picturesque with berries, acorns and horses to boot!) & For the love of snail mail (-because I share the same love for snail mail. I spent an afternoon last week writing postcards to friends near and far. This post says everything I feel about it!).

Anna: polkadots, glittery eye shadow, daydreamer.

This lady has also given her blog site a little makeover recently. Anna blogs about a variety of topics; her latest purchases- outfits, make up and even a post on tips for an easier shopping experience. History, adventures, blogging tips and more. My favourite blogs to read are lifestyle blogs but I too like a blog that is so versatile and will cover a range of topics- this is one of those. I also love her Hallowe'en alter ego post- how very creative! I appreciate a blogger who writes what they want to write instead of what they think they should.
Favourite Posts: The love of Autumn (-because warm jumpers, golden colours and hot chocolate!!!) & 10 things to do at home for Hallowe'en (-because not all of us want to go out and paint our faces in fake blood and drink 'smoking' cocktails- though that does sound fun! These are some good ideas to try out next year... maybe not the contacting a ghost part! *gasp!*).

I hope you have enjoyed browsing their blogs as much as I do.
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  1. Hi lovely, thank you for the sweet blog post and I'm glad you enjoyed my post on Evil Anna... If you ever need anything then please feel free to say hi. :) xx


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