Winter proofing the family with Tetley

The days are shorter, the winds have picked up and Sebastian has already started sneezing about 50 times a day. Winter is definitely coming!
What better way to fight off colds and germs than with a delivery of a huge box filled with Tetley Super Teas!
Tetley have released a new range of yummy teas packed with flavour and vitamins that are not only good for you but taste good too. Perfect timing for me too as (after a lot of thought and research) I declined the Flu vaccination and being pregnant with an immune system not quite as good as it usually is I need to keep healthy and 'snot free' in the most natural ways.
GP and TV presenter, Dr Hilary Jones has teamed up with Tetley and developed a 10 point action plan to help winter proof ourselves this season.

Dr Hilary says "The degree to which winter impacts negatively on our health and wellbeing is clear. The study found that Brits are three times more likely to say they felt 'run-down', tired or fed up over the winter months than they were to feel content with themselves and their health."
Apparently us Brits are twice as likely to reach for chocolate than we are to turn to vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables when feeling poorly... well I can sure enough vouch for that!

1// Vitamin C
Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system and can help prevent colds and flu. So this winter eat foods that are high in vitamin C.
You can also increase your vitamin C intake with a mug of Tetley Super Green or Super Fruits Immune which count for 17.6% of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C.
2// Keep Hydrated
It is as important to keep hydrated in the winter as it is in the summer. Even if you don't feel as thirsty in the winter, it's important to keep your fluid intake up.

3// Exercise
So much more natural than a Doctor's prescription and without any side-effects. But when the cold sets in we may not feel so keen on that walk, run or cycle. Keep your exercise regimes going by visiting the gym, going swimming or going for a walk.

4// Vitamin B6
This vitamin assists in forming haemoglobin- the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body and helps with the reduction of tiredness. To combat winter fatigue, eat plenty of vitamin B6 rich foods.
You can also increase your vitamin B6 intake with a mug of Tetley Super Green or Super Fruits Boost which count for 26% of your recommended daily amount of vitamin B6.

5// Keep your Head Warm
Research has shown that we lose a lot of heat from our heads, which lowers our immune system. SO remember to wear that hat and scarf!
6// Vitamin D
This is the sunshine vitamin and is needed to keep our bones and teeth healthy. So remember to get out and about if it's sunny, or eat health foods which are high in vitamin D.

7// De-Stress
Stress hormones trigger anti-immune reactions. Winter can be a hectic time with many social events to arrange and attend. Make sure you take time out to relax to keep stress levels at bay.

8// Keep Bugs at Bay
Use antibacterial hand wash and put used tissues in the bin. These two small measures make a big difference when it comes to fighting the spread of germs.

9// Dress Carefully
Plan your winter wardrobe- instead of heavy chunky garments opt for layers, which trap hot air. You can then remove layers if needed, making it easier to regulate your temperature.

10// Be Positive
Looking on the bright side can be good for your health as research suggests that positive people get fewer colds. try writing a gratitude diary on a daily basis, so you can identify and appreciate the things that are going right for you.

So there you have it... we can probably avoid catching said cold but at least if we did, we can cure ourselves healthily and naturally. Grab your hats and positive attitude and put that kettle on! Super Tea anyone??!


  1. Oooooh these look lovely!! Love a good cup of tea. Thanks for the tips, too!


  2. Hmm... not sure about the packaging. Looks a bit like lemsip!

    Claudia Harriet

  3. I agree with this, sometimes it is not what we take physically can cure us or keep us away from diseases. It is how positively believe on what we take and feed our spirit.


*Forever Love*