A Christmassy Weekend

With Christmas day being less than two weeks away it seems appropriate to talk about my incredibly festive few days last week.
It all started after a night of girly fun with my beautiful friends at Amy's place on Friday. We all bought Christmassy food and drinks which we nibbled at all night, whilst talking babies, school days, boys and attempted whistling Christmas tunes with novelty whistles!
Saturday morning, Sebastian brought me tea and Tree shaped crumpets in bed which was rather fitting as my nearly sister-in-law Amy was coming to collect me at midday to go choose and pick up a tree for our living room.
Every year we have a real tree and it's not usually until the second weekend in December that we pick it up. Not only is it traditional to have your decorations up 12 days before (& 12 days after) Christmas but we also don't want our precious tree wilting before the big day! However, due to our little angel who was due that very weekend (still waiting for her!) we thought it wise to get organised and get the house feeling festive the weekend before. (Plus Christmas grotto vibes for my homebirth- Perfect non?).

See last year's post here.
After selectively picking a slender 6ft instead of our usual choice of a plump bushy tree (Oh the sacrifices for a homebirth!) Amy and I went back to mine for a cuppa before saying our goodbyes until Sunday where we had more festive plans lined up.
To finish the day off, Sebastian and I popped into town to buy a couple of Christmas presents and stopped for a Christmas coffee in Costa. As town was closing we ambled home to have dinner. After a yummy spaghetti bolognaise, Sebastian carried the tree upstairs and we watched 'All I want for Christmas' on Netflix whilst he moved furniture and positioned it in place. Leaving the tree in water and letting the branches drop before decorating it, we went to bed.
On Sunday morning Amy picked me up and we went to a Victorian Vintage Fayre in the countryside. On the way we listened to Christmas songs, singing away loudly (& out of tune- me!) and getting in the spirit! We arrived at Westenhanger Castle where the tiny vintage fair was being held. I'd never been to this place before and even through the drizzle it looked so pretty. It is the perfect Wedding location for a 'Hobbit', fairy-tale style wedding with the castle ruins and round turrets. Oh and an abandoned pirate ship!!
The fair was very small but wonderful. Amy and I still managed to come away with a selection of wonderful decorations! A little disheartened at how small the fair was we climbed into the car and searched our trusty phones for other potential local fairs. There wasn't any (or at least any reasonably priced ones!!). Instead we decided to make our way around the corner to Lympne castle for a spot of lunch.
After chatting and filling our tummies with a rather huge selection of triangle sandwiches, cakes and scones and about four cups of tea each we got a 'doggy bag' for our leftovers and climbed back into the car to sing along to festive melodies once again.
It was such a lovely afternoon and to keep in high Christmas spirits, Sebastian and I decorated the gorgeous scented tree the moment I was dropped off home.
As a tradition, Sebastian wraps the lights around the branches and I finish by hanging the baubles and just like every year, we did just that. Sebastian popped on the festive crackling fire DVD and got draping the twinkly lights.
Over the past month or so I have been slowly buying the odd (or five) bauble here and there on outings. I picked up six gorgeous individual glass beauties from John Lewis back in October and a few more in the garden centre a few weeks ago. I have always loved collecting different decorations and I love nothing more than each and every bauble being completely different. So I picked up some more red glass ones and a variety of different metallic glass as they work beautifully together and with the ones i already have. Oh and obviously with the odd Nutcracker and Santa thrown in.
We are still yet to find the perfect decoration for the top of the tree. I think a cute gold star would be lovely, but we are yet to find one suitable. -Any suggestions?
I can't wait to add different things to our tradition as our family grows over the years. I also can't wait to have those handmade decorations from school projects and craft classes that the children so excitedly show you with their proud little faces. Christmas is about to get even more magical, I just know it!
Do you have your tree up now or were you one of these 'Let's decorate in November' kids? -Is it me or did everyone get a little too excited a little TOO early this year?! 
Tell me about your decorating traditions. Are you a real or an artificial tree kind of person? Do you collect decorations too or do you prefer to have a little symmetry?


  1. Your home looks so cosy and festive! The tree is beautiful! We have an artificial tree because both of us spend Christmas separately at opposite ends of the country, but we're hoping to finally spend the day together next year and get a real tree to celebrate.

  2. Lovely tree and beautiful ornaments! I'm a real tree all the way kind of person... not so much for the look but for the wonderful piney smell it brings into the house! I love that so much. My ornaments aren't as beautiful but I do love picking a new one out every year... a special tradition I've finally learned to appreciate and love :)

  3. I love your christmas baubles! I love love Christmas and have been collecting decorations since I was about 8 :) I love how each can have their own story!

  4. It looks like you had a lovely Christmassy weekend, love your tree ornaments. I put my Christmas tree up yesterday, it's one of my favourite things about Christmas. I wish I had a real tree but an artificial one is better than no tree. Have a festive December!

    Natasha // The Night is Wild

  5. This post is so wonderfully festive! I'm with you - I don't like putting up the tree too early, and I think the second week is the perfect time. Those tree-shaped crumpets are so adorable. I bet they tasted extra tasty!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings


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