The Wealden Times Midwinter Fair// Adventures with SunnySweetPea

A couple of weekends ago, the gorgeous SweetPea Jenny came to visit for a festive fueled weekend at The Turton-Wall's. After an early start, a plate of buttery & marmite infused crumpets and a few excited starjumps (on my part!!!) after the brief but wonderful snowfall we spent Saturday at the Wealden Times Midwinter Fair in Pinetum,
We pulled up in the car park and waddled (or at least I did!) over to the giant marquee to throw ourselves in the festivities. We decided that we should start with a quick toilet break (again, that was just me!) and a sit down with a gorgeous piece of cake and hot cup of tea from Cocolicious bakery. This part of the tent was wonderful- floral table cloths, huge pastel helium balloons with glittery tassels and the cakes... Oh my... they were just magical, each and every slice sprinkled with glitter or sugared stars or petals. They tasted just as magical too!
With the wind howling outside and blowing against the marquee's fabric wall I could have quite easily bought another cup of tea and stayed in that heavenly pastel corner all morning, but the Christmas vibes and festive stalls were calling our name!
We ambled up and down the stalls with heart shaped eyes, stopping every now and again to empty our purses for Christmas gifts for loved ones and to try samples of gluten free mince pies and hot flaky sausage rolls. Delicious. I love a good food market! 
There were stalls piled high with antiques, vintage tea pots and sugar spoons. Elegant glass baubles and festive 'Santa, please stop here' sign posts. Luxe childrenswear (I'm talking liberty print blouses and soft tweed pinafores... I was FAR too tempted!) and Alpaca wool socks. Wonderful wooden children's toys and intricate wooden scandinavian-style advent. Beeswax candles, Bee shaped jewellery and even a Bee hive! Woolen woven fairies and elves to hang on your tree. Fresh Lavender bunches, dried rose petal pods and Christmas spiced wreaths for your door. This fair had everything!
We bumped into my bestest, Suz and her bearded man and lovely parents. We spotted them over by the fancy chocolate stall (ever seen cameras and keys made from chocolate?!) purchasing family gifts. 
The crowds grew bigger and the guests grew impatient... it was our cue to leave. We said goodbye to my friends and headed for a place to stop for much needed tea and lunch on the way home.
We stopped at a pretty little tearoom in Biddenden and sat ourselves down in the window. We both opted for the fish finger sandwich and shared a pot of tea. We chatted about Christmas, cake, Jenny's impending wedding and my impending little one and how our lives are about to get so very exciting! Once our plates and cups were empty we headed to the supermarket to buy dinner for that evening before settling down to watch a handful of Christmas films at home with twinkly fairy lights.

It was a lovely festive weekend, one which completely wiped me out- A whole weekend with broken sleep and NO naps was a tricky one! But lovely nevertheless. Have a wee read of Jenny's wonderful post about our weekend here.

This weekend was the last planned one for friends to stay before the little lady was due to arrive. Since then I have had lots of my wonderful friends, who live near by, visit me during the week on their days off. Some bring tiny clothes, some bring their smilie little bundle of joys and others bring the hottest Chilli dinners in all the land. Without friends filling my days with their company (& cake) I think I would have gone crazy by now. Perhaps I started Maternity leave way too soon!?!


  1. I love your posts, I always end up feeling happy and content when I have read them. Which christmas movies do you usually watch? I am trying to capture the Christmas spirit and good Christmas movies usually do that.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh my, everything looks so lovely! And those pieces of cake just look divine too x


  3. Great pictures of a lovely day out! I hope that baby arrives soon!

  4. Such a lovely post, I love seeing days out, they are always so inspiring to find things in your local area

  5. Such a cute post <3 everything looks so yummy, cozy and lovely. Pictures are amazing!

    Happy Holidays,


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