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It's December! In fact... we're almost half way through this glorious month. And it's all twinkly lights, crazy last-minute shoppers and shelves stocked up with Turkeys. I'm a little lot in love with this time of year.
Anyway, let's get the fire going to roast those chestnuts, pop that corn and make ourselves a gingerbread latte to sip whilst we look at the lovely bloggers in my sidebar this month.

Jess: Illustrator, green tea drinker, storyteller.

Jess' blog has quickly become one of my favourites to sit in the corner by the Christmas tree and scroll back through her dreamy posts. Her dreams of being the modern Beatrix Potter and living in a quaint little town with picturesque views, peering into wardrobes hoping for signs of Narnia remind me of a younger TTDER where anything was possible, on pink watercoloured paper at least.
I'm especially adoring how wonderful her blog looks with the sprinkling of Christmas she has recently added. Not only is she posting about wonderful Blogmas ideas (note to self for next year!), she has added a cute Christmassy vibe to her banner too! I take my velvety red Santa hat off to her!
Favourite posts: Christmas Goals (-because every single idea listed are the ones of Christmassy dreams come true!) & DIY: Air Dry Clay Gift Tags (-because I've seen these all over Pinterest but never actually realised how easy these are to make- and how gorgeous they look! I will be trying these for sure!).

Anna: polkadots, glittery eye shadow, daydreamer.

Anna has been a regular sponsor of TTDER of late and has also given her blog a little Christmas spirit. There's a magical sprinkling of snow, that's right snow... It is SNOWING on her blog this month! I feel I may have missed a trick this December... I have some serious game to 'up' next year!!
Her Christmas related posts are still in keeping to her 'all round' varied blog. I'm very much in approval of her Christmas Jumper post, what with the (now) infamous 'Christmas Jumper Day' around the corner- it's the perfect guide to finding the knitted garment that is for you! She has also blogged about her Beauty advent calendar, which appears to be her new tradition after last year's was such a hit.
Favourite posts: National Trust Homemade Christmas (-because I'm a big believer of homemade Christmases... and I'm hoping this year will be just as easy!) & Why I refuse to buy Adele's new album (-because I'm not a huge fan of Adele, but that's not why I like this post- I liked reading the scientific reasons behind why certain music* can be bad for your soul. *our personal reasons for liking/disliking a particular genre/artist etc... not specifically Adele!).

I hope you have enjoyed browsing their blogs as much as I do.
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