Wintry Walks

On Sunday Sebastian and I went out for a little 'couple' time before the little lady arrives. It was in fact my due date and I felt a little fed up as I could have sworn she was on her way after a week of aches, pains and feels. I tried every effort to put it at the back of my mind and enjoy these last few moments together before we become a family.
It was a chilly winters day so I pulled my new boots on and we went for a long walk through and around the town. It was quiet along the back streets due to everyone being in the centre, most probably in long queues impatiently waiting to buy their turkey, choosing wrapping paper or fighting over the last pair of gloves!

It was the perfect setting for some slow, quiet time together. We got lost in the beauty of forgotten streets and chatted about converting empty shops into tearooms and secondary photography studios. We stopped to stare at the flurries of pigeons nibbling at the seeds and nuts provided in the quaint churchyard garden. The churches morning visitors had long gone and the pigeons got to have some alone time too. It was so peaceful. 
The views were made even more pretty with the once naked tree branches wrapped in tiny pastel pink petals. Winter blossom has to be one of my new favourite things, I had recently learnt that some trees blossom in the winter and not just the Spring! I just love this wonderful sight- the delicate buds making Christmas time even more magical.
I took advantage of the fact the little lady was still cosying up inside and got Sebastian to take some more snaps of my glorious bump. I have loved having a bump but I must admit I can't wait to wear these gorgeous ankle boots with jeans and cosy chunky knitted jumpers. Oh and how pretty these will look with floaty dresses and tights! I miss wearing tights. I miss wearing jumpers too. ...and Pyjama sets. Oh the little things!!
Anyway, these lovely little ankle boots from Kurt Geiger* soon became my best friend. They are so comfortable. I think they'll look great with my trusty black skinny jeans and a sparkly top for wearing over Christmas time, but also just as lovely with a pair of blue jeans and cosy knit jumper creating a more casual look.
With the stunning views of delicate pink dusted branches it got me thinking of Spring and how perfect the boots will be for dodging puddles teamed with my yellow raincoat and parading through blossom scattered pathways with my bundle of joy cosied up in her little pushchair. How wonderful.
After a little daydreaming and pigeon gazing we ambled up to the grocery store to pick up some things for lunch, cheese for Christmas and a supply of gingerbread treats for Christmastime and guests.
Once we filled our cotton bags with treats we headed back home to watch a Christmas film with lunch. It was such a lovely chilled day to walk around and stretch my legs, and my these boots sure were made for walking but my bump felt too heavy to do anymore. I needed to put these leather beauties to one side and get my thick cosy socks on and snuggle up on the sofa, Christmas tree lights twinkling, perhaps nap on Sebastian's shoulder for twenty or so.
Oh I sure do love this time of year!
Photography by the wonderful (& patient!) Sebastian Turton-Wall.


  1. These photos are so beautiful. Looks like you had a lovely walk! I hope the little lady arrives soon. I guess she's just too cosy inside her mama.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  2. Sending you lots of love! Fingers crossed that your baby comes soon! :)

  3. I wonder if you'll have a Christmas day baby...bets are on! x

  4. You're so stylish! You'll be back to wearing jeans and jumpers soon :) You write so beautifully!

  5. Such gorgeous photos! You look amazing Charlotte, and I'm soooo excited to "meet" the contents of that bump!!! :) Happy holidays and much love to you and Sebastian. xo

  6. You look lovely! Happy holidays!!!

  7. You look so amazing Charlotte - fees like only yesterday you were announcing you were pregnant. :)

    Lizzie Dripping

  8. Loving the photograph style. Hoping the little lady makes a safe arrival very soon. I look forward to seeing pictures of her.


*Forever Love*