You are Amazing

A couple of weeks ago my best friend and I were exchanging whatsapp messages 'crying' on one anothers shoulders about how we don't feel appreciated enough at times. Now don't get me wrong our loves our wonderful and oh my has Sebastian been one heck of a guy lately having to deal with my heavily pregnant needs and raging hormones and sporadic emotions. But we're talking generally.
You know those days where you feel like all you have done is clean, tidy, wash two or three loads (mainly his things!), cook dinner and then wipe up after the spilled coffee on the side (clearly that wasn't me!) and you don't even get a thanks. But a couple of days later, after you've done pretty much all of the above except now you've folded said clothes and put them away only to find them in a heap on the floor, oh and he forgot to put the rubbish out (which is his ONLY 'household job') which you then just feel like you're going to implode.
All of the little things we do and the amount of boring household chores we take on without being asked because it clearly just needs doing and we get no appreciation, thanks- nothing! But when they finally pick up the hoover (because they have made a real mess and know you'll get psycho if you found it!) they expect a thank you. 

My best friend and I came up with an idea. At least once a month we go out and buy eachother a bunch of cheery flowers and a bar of chocolate (or cake!). On the provision that we just accept that our loves just won't reciprocate on the ol' simple household chores without us nagging at them which let's face it will probably end up in an argument anyway. So being the bigger person we buy ourselves treats in return!
So on every 10th day of the month we have made a pact to visit eachother with a pretty bunch of florals and a tasty treat to give one another to say 'Well done for being super Awesome. You are Amazing!'. This we decided was much more fun than buying for ourselves, but if you feel like this could work for you I would say 'Treat Yo Self!!!!' You bloody deserve it. 

Ps. Just thought I'd let you know that Sebastian didn't even notice the beautiful pastel roses and giant chocolate bar that my best gave me... however he DID notice the blooms I bought her as he commented on the fact he kept sneezing (he thought they were lillies!) yet he said nothing when they turned into roses! This made me chuckle.

NB. this isn't a burn post, we are extremely lucky for our men and the little things they do and say to make us smile... but it's purely a 'let's congratulate ourselves on our awesomeness and humbleness' kinda post and we thought that if you were struggling with similar things you might agree and fancy getting in on the action. Keep being awesome!!


  1. I love this idea! My partner is the same and we have a six month old son, so that's fun! I always feel the need to thank him on the odd occasion that he does the dishes yet I never get a thanks for the millions of things I do every day. Go figure!

  2. What a fantastic idea - *goes to purchase flowers and chocolate*


*Forever Love*