4/52 A weekly Portrait in 2016
Olive Mae, 5 weeks:: When I'm feeding and she looks up at me with those big blue sparkling eyes. And she's really looking at me- my heart melts and my eyes tear up with sheer happiness.
I love how her eyes follow me around the room and when she hears Daddy's voice when he gets home from work. These precious moments.


  1. So gorgeous <3 Ada is far too inquisitive when feeding, her eyes are darting all over the place and getting distracted. Occasionally I can get her to focus on me though, and she ends up stopping and giving me a big smile, I just die!

    Catherine | Lady Liquor

  2. Aw she's such a cutie! And she really does have lovely eyes!

  3. Probably the most beautiful breastfeeding picture I have ever seen. Olive looks so alert and interested.


*Forever Love*