52 Weeks

I have been so caught up in newborn snuggles and milky drool to get around to starting this so please forgive me.
I have always loved seeing these posts on other people's blogs and I was so looking forward to starting my own 52 week project here on TTDER of my very own bebe. 
So here are three weeks rolled into one post.

1/52 A weekly portrait
Olive Mae, 2 weeks:: Enjoying her new bouncer. Ok so she only enjoys it for about 10 minutes before getting bored of it.

2/52 A weekly portrait
Olive Mae, 3 weeks old:: Sleeping in her big-girl cot instead of her Pram carrycot. She's sleeping well... most of the time!

3/52 A weekly portrait
Olive Mae, 4 weeks old:: Exactly 4 weeks when this was taken and experiencing fussy moments and all she wants is cuddles.

Not only is this an amazing way to capture special moments and fond memories but as from next week I plan to start using my camera more. The iPhone is great but I'm sick of those fuzzy snaps and it's another excuse to start to properly learn how to use my camera instead of keeping it on that trusty 'P' setting!


  1. She is so beautiful, oh my goodness...

  2. Awww, these pictures are sooo cute! She's adorable!

    Kayleigh x

  3. Hello sweet Olive. You are the cutest pie of them all.
    And go for the 52 weeks project!
    Anaïs xx ♥

  4. Lovely, lovely photos! Also, where is your woodland bedding from (in the third pic)? I must have it! It would make the best fabric xx

  5. She is so precious - love the last photo!


*Forever Love*