Christmas 2015... (the bit before)

Wow. So that last stretch flew by quite a bit huh?! Well at least it did for me! All those weeks of Maternity leave spent at home snuggled up on the sofa watching festive films, dancing around the room to Wham's Last Christmas on the record player accompanied by twinkly Christmas tree lights and then Olive was born. Christmas Day was here and gone in a wee flash and now we're in 2016- Christmas-less once more. C-R-A-Z-Y!
^^^ How adorable is Sebastian getting both mine and Olive's name on our cup (pre birth!).

So, a quick round up of our last few days as just Husband and Wife... before I forget those days all together!
We spent those precious days leading up to the 25th trying to get our baby out and into the world. I tried cups and cups of Raspberry Leaf tea, long walks, spicy foods, organic licorice, watching funny films, a sweep and such like. Nothing worked... it's true what they say- your baby really will come when she's ready! I wish I spent more of my time feeling less frustrated and sleeping more.
We also spent the time getting ready for Christmas.
We nibbled German gingerbread, warm mince pies with cream, watched Christmas films, danced around on the birthing ball listening to Christmas songs, wrapped gifts for the family and tidied/cleaned the house.
I also spent a fair bit of time staring at my wonderful pregnant tummy in awe and telling myself it won't be missed due to all the newborn cuddles I will be enjoying and how wonderful it will be to wear matching pyjama sets again!
On the Sunday before, my contractions started... subtle but most definitely there. Sebastian and I decided not to focus on it too much and popped into town in the evening to the Christmas farmer's market.
We purchased some non-alcoholic mulled punch, some pastries for dinner and wandered up and down the stalls looking at all the lovely homemade gifts and trying all the cheese samples.
We ventured home to settle up for the night (feeling hopeful that the little lady might arrive anytime now!). We made hot drinks and watched The Santa Clause... 1, 2 and 3!!! I bounced on the birthing ball and ate snacks and Sebastian sat with his back to me in the corner wrapping my Christmas gifts! It was a slightly strange way of spending one of the last few nights together but it was special.
So this year wasn't so much one for starting traditions... or at least I don't think so. But Christmas 2016 I know will be full of new ones and adapting old ones. It will be just pure magic. 
Is it crazy that I'm already excited for it?! 347 days apparently. But first, I still have gift bags filled with pretty presents that I need to go through and put away.


  1. Sounds like a sweet couple of last days! Mooching around the christmas market sounds lovely, who doesn't like cheese sampling! this is going to be a magical year for you three! xx

    isobel's personal style blog

  2. Looks like mummyhood is suiting you wonderfully :) I forget that Ashford can actually be pretty from time to time, growing up in and around it it's easy to forget some of its quirks and only focus on the not so great. But you capture it really well and make me think it's not all bad ;)

    ......... Still needs a decent tea shop tho.


  3. I love how much you love Christmas. I too have been thinking about the next one. It's even more exciting now with little ones.


*Forever Love*