Christmas 2015

As mentioned in my previous post, Christmas wasn't quite what we had in mind but it was pretty spectacular filled with twinkly tree lights, bundles of gorgeous gifts and newborn snuggles.
We forgot to buy breakfast, forgot to pop the Bucks Fizz open, didn't open our stockings to eachother until we climbed into bed that evening and spent all day opening gifts and putting them back in their gift bags with tags so we wouldn't forget. It was most definitely not one for traditions that's for sure. However it was pretty magical and wonderful to finally spend my favourite day with Sebastian... and our brand new 3 day old daughter.
Sebastian gave me my gift of new Christmas pyjamas and gave me some time to have a shower and put some make up on for the first time since Olive's birth. I put my new jammies on and got Olive dressed in her festive sleepsuit and we settled down on the sofa surrounded by gorgeous wrapped parcels and Olive's perfect milky scent.
We didn't plan to buy anything for Olive a she was only a couple of days old and well she has a dresser full of new clothes, pretty blankets and a basket of wonderful books, not mentioning all the gifts under the tree for her from proud grandparents and the like. 
However Sebastian could not resist and bought and wrapped up the most prettiest soft deer for her. He also wrote me a card from her (which literally made me weep with happiness!) and I wrapped a gift up for Sebastian from Olive. He loved it, it was cute.
As I was still quite sore, achy, tired and pretty much feeding all day, Sebastian cooked the Christmas dinner all by himself and literally won at life! He was amazing. I am a bit of a 'Roast dinner snob' as Sebastian would call me and oh my, he did good. It was delicious. Perhaps I'll get out of doing it next year too!?! Winky face. (Oh, and at this point we remembered to open the Bucks Fizz!).
We made our festive crackers too and filled them with special personal gifts to one another. - I think a new family tradition for sure!!
The day went too quickly. But it was just so wonderful and I felt so grateful to be at home with my two favourites when I could have been in the hospital being induced! Thank goodness little Olive decided to make an appearance before then!
Boxing day was yet another chilled one. We all wore our Christmas pyjamas, ate warm porridge with fig jam and listened to my new records Sebastian bought me for Christmas. -All festive records I might add.
We enjoyed Turkey and stuffing sandwiches and 'wet the baby's head' with a glass of champagne with a handful of Sebastian's family who came to visit for Olive snuggles.
Christmas seems to have flown past my eyes but I still have a reasonable stock of Chocolate coins and other treats... which actually makes nighttime feeds alot more manageable! - That and the Netflix app!!!
I hope you all had a magical Christmas and new year. What was your favourite moment? Tell me all about your traditions.


  1. Welcome to the world Olive!

    It sounds like a wonderful Christmas (and obviously far better than being induced!)


  2. Wow, just wow ❤️ I'm sure it's all much harder than you're letting on, but it's lovely to witnesses it in some way.

  3. It sounds like you had a really magical Christmas, though untraditional! And how lovely to set so many new traditions for your little family.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  4. She is just beautiful. Congratulations :) x

  5. Congratulations!!! Olive is beautiful, love the array of Christmas outfits! Glad she arrived in good time to spend Christmas with you and your family! Katie x

  6. Aw this is so lovely and I'm so happy that she arrived on time and you had the Christmas you wanted. You look damn good considering you'd just had a baby!! xxx

  7. You look lovely! And the little Olive is such a cutie!! :) Many love to you and your family!

  8. You and your family look so sweet! Loving the Christmas mood ^ ^


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