Life Lately

So, I'm finally managing to juggle motherhood with the odd human moment thrown in. So I thought I'd scrapbook a few life lately moments before the little peach wakes up.
My favourite human moments this week have to be being able to paint my nails (yes, I actually painted my nails... I feel like a woman!), drinking a fair few cups of HOT tea... yes that's right fresh, HOT cups of tea! I told you I was getting a hang of this. And successfully having a coffee shop moment with my husband.

I wouldn't usually class a trip to the town as an adventure but in these circumstances it's the only adventure I'm getting so we'll just go with it. Sebastian and I usually take a trip into town at the weekend, to buy fresh bread and to get me out of the house and enjoy some family time together, taking turns to push little Olive in her pushchair.
We always used to go get coffee on a Saturday and we haven't done that since Olive was born so we decided that it was long overdue. It was a success up until little O started to fuss and decided she wanted cuddles... but I actually think she wanted a feed and a nappy change- bless her. I gulped my remaining latte and we headed home.
Oh, and no 'adventure' would be complete without some shiny new GOLD shoes eh?! I've never owned a pair of Vans before and I wasn't sure if I was quite "cool" enough to pull them off but hey cool or not, they are my new favourite shoes.
Balanced Diet::
Ok so obviously I haven't taken any snaps of my healthy vegetable heavy dinners... but I promise I have actually been eating a heck of a lot more vegetables than ever before. Mainly because my mother keeps delivering fruit and veg to my door at weekends- fresh from the farm shop and Sebastian has pretty much force-fed me with them. I'm starting to enjoy them actually... but don't tell Sebastian ok?!! I'm still not keen on cabbage though... no, it's just odd.
SO when I'm not being overly healthy and snacking on grapes I have of course been nibbling at my Christmas stash of treats. That consisted of sparkly macarons, pastel sugared almonds, homemade 'Olive' decorated gingerbread biscuits, German gingerbread and homemade pancakes (Thanks S!!!).
I have also been enjoying fresh clementines by the bucket load (courtesy of Mother!), maple infused porridge with blueberries and nuts and bowls of yoghurt with sprinklings of fruit and seeds -see, I told you, I'm healthy now!!!
I don't manage to catch the sunrise as I'm pretty much a zombie at this time of the morning, curtains closed, eyes half open, baby latched on to me or over my shoulder in winding position- hoping she nods off soon so I can get back under the covers and sleep until she wakes next.
However, I did manage to spy a pretty dusky blush tinted sky a few evenings ago- I was standing at the window in awe. Look at how wonderfully Wintery it looks!
Tiny wriggly feet::
My new favourite thing to photograph... look at those tiny toes!! *heart eyes emoji* Olive's little wriggly feet are literally the cutest thing I've probably ever seen. Naked toes, tiny sock toes or Bunny rattle sock toes- cutest. ever.
Flowers & Playtime::
So on the 10th, my bestest visited with a bunch or two of pretty bright daffodils and a box of truffles for our monthly "You are Amazing" treat. Winter is my one true love but Spring... well Spring has all the lovely blooms doesn't it?! Yay for Daffodil season brightening up my living room sills.
Another reason to hang out in the living room is lovely play things. Olive got some Christmas money and we split it up; half goes into a bank account for her and half goes to treats for her now. We bought this Mamas & Papas play mat in the sale along with some stunning prints from a favourite illustrator- more on that when we get around to finishing her nursery. So most days are spent amusing ourselves in here smelling the petals and playing with hanging rattles.
I haven't been around much, so please, tell me what have you been up to lately? 
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  1. It's fab to see your mummy skills are coming into balance- it's still important to get in those human moments otherwise you'll go bonkers! The Daffs are starting to bloom on the farm now, much to the snowdrops disgust but they'll just have to get over it!

    I'm thinking of starting and online book club, if your interested let me know :)

  2. Your posts like this always make me smile, especially your photos :) You really are family goals! Hope motherhood is treating you well :) I also love your vans, so cool! x

  3. So glad you are getting in to the swing of things! Motherhood is such a big change isn't it? I love the idea of putting half of the money she got for Christmas in a bank account. Think I will be doing that myself from now on!

  4. Love your shoes! Also, I'm interested in trying your balanced diet. How much weigh can I loose per week if I implement it?


*Forever Love*