A weekly portrait

Olive Mae, 9 weeks:: This week dear little Olive had her first dose of immunisations. It was horrible. I can't describe to you how awful it was hearing her scream like that. I was teary myself for sure. However, Olive is still such a happy content baby and on Thursday night she slept the WHOLE night through. From 2140-0620. What a proud Mama I am (as well as feeling awake and refreshed).

This week's snap is completely unrelated, but she sure does love bath time! Next up- swimming!!


  1. Well done to you both for being so brave! I hope Olive enjoys swimming, my little niece absolutely loves it! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  2. She is suuuuch a cutie! Definitely one of my fave babies on my insta feed.

  3. I think I want all of her clothes in adult sizes?! x

  4. Immunisation time is difficult (I have four kids!) but so necessary. Much better to hear her cry from a quick needle than to have her get sick. Hope she enjoys her swimming!


*Forever Love*