A day at the Seaside

On Thursday, Olive and I went out with my sister in law for the day. We chose a day that it snowed (lightly) to go the seaside. Typical. It was bitterly cold but after feeling sorry for ourselves the day before (Olive had her first immunisations), it was just what we needed.

We hopped in the car and drove 40 minutes to the pretty seaside town of Whitstable. When we got there, after a quick feed in the car, we took a stroll down the narrow high street and popped in and out of many cute shops. A few had such narrow doors that I couldn't take Olive's pushchair in so we had to tag-team when going in those. Amy picked up some gorgeous smelling fresh lavender and a bag of lavender buds from the lavender shop for a bit of Wedding craft. I enjoyed the whiffs of the scent coming from the paper bag every time the wind changed- though feeling calm and very sleepy.
After a little browse and a few tiny purchases for Olive (a stunning story book and a wooden toy), we went to The Forge along the seafront. We bought ourselves some chips for lunch from the tiny fisherman's hut. Coated in salt & vinegar we munched away, warming ourselves up, whilst little Lady Olive softly snoozed away in the pushchair.
The hut were also selling ice cream and fresh donuts. Ok, so it wasn't the weather for ice cream but the smell of the sugary ring donuts was far too hard to resist. 
Nibbling away on our donuts we walked along the seafront and back into town where we popped in a few more little shops before heading home for a cup of tea.
It was so lovely to get out and to catch up with family. I am so grateful to have family and friends around me. Especially for mini adventures like these.
Does anyone else enjoy going to the seaside in the winter? I think I prefer it to Summer!


  1. Sounds like you had the most wonderful day, so many lovely pictures x

  2. these pictures are wonderful, sounds like a fab day at the seaside x

  3. Oh I love Whitstable! I haven't been for a few years and your pictures make me want to plan another little trip back there :)

  4. That looks and sounds amazing! I would love to live near a large body of water, there is nothing else like it!

  5. Ah I do love a day at the seaside - especially Whitstable!
    A Story of a Girl

  6. Sounds like a perfect family outing! It's amazing how a little one changes little day trips like this. I think I'd prefer the seaside in Summer as well! Just because the wind feels better on your face during warmer months :)
    PS I might have said this before, but every time I see the name Olive it makes me so happy! Perfect, cutest name xo

  7. It looks like the quintessential charming English seaside town. :) I've seen that pink oyster bar on so many blogs and dream of visiting one day! xo

  8. This reminds of of Pike Place Market in Seattle! Last time I was there, I got some lavender flavoured apple cider, and it was delicious :D And of course, a trip down there is never complete without chowder and some fish & chips! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  9. I love the seaside in the winter, especially when it's quiet and breezy and you can wrap up warm and go for a nice stroll to blow the cobwebs away! Alice xx


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