Be mine?!

We didn't plan too much for Valentine's this year because honestly the week had been a difficult one for me. I had spent most of it on my own with Olive. Sebastian has been busy with studio work after his day of work at the office so apart from visitors and trips to town it has literally just been Olive and I. With me feeling pretty tired, run down and a cold brewing we decided to just chill.
Sebastian ran out first thing to pick up breakfast (pain au chocolat) and we sat together sipping tea with Olive next to us in her bouncer.
We had decided no gifts, just cards, because money but as per usual Sebastian didn't adhere! He wrapped some gifts in pastel sparkly paper and piled them high on the table with a bunch of daffodils and a card. In normal fashion he gave me non-traditional Valentines gifts which is just how I like it. Brightly coloured blooms, my favourite chocolates (and a bar of rose & violet chocolate-- YUM!) and a pretty geode necklace I had my eye on previously. He filled the card with wonderful words which I really needed to hear after a hard week. It was all so wonderful and perfect!
Olive and I dressed in pink for the occasion and pranced around the bedroom feeling pretty and girly. After a few tired (of dancing) tears we snuggled until her sleepy eyes closed in time for lunch which Sebastian fixed up for us.
Wowee, you could probably say I am easy to please... but I'd prefer to say that Sebastian knows the way to my heart! Bacon & egg sandwich lunches are THE best. Especially when the yolk is super runny, the bacon deliciously crispy and the bread nice and buttery. Ugh- Amazing.
Lunch was followed by Olive's milky lunch which was then followed by a quick outing to town for rose & pistachio frappuccino's. I also used the outing to dash off in secret to buy Sebastian a few last minute Valentine's gifts (toffee beer, swiss chocolate and sweets)- how bad am I?! Next year I'll know not to listen to our promises and just get him things!!!
After a brisk walk around town and quick coffee stop we ventured home to the warm. On went the fairy lights and whilst Olive remained sweetly sleeping I changed the bed sheets, tidied a little bit, washed up and put on a load of washing before having a quick snuggle and giggle with Sebastian. It was such a sweet moment.
We then spent the evening eating chilli and nachos and watched a film snuggled up on the sofa.
It was such a lovely day, just the three of us and I would not have wanted to spend the day any other way.
Next year I hope to be an organised Mama and perhaps make Valentine's sugar cookies and bunting, have pink and red napkins and have a family meal of homemade heart shaped foods.
How did you spend your Valentine's? With loved ones or maybe with your best friends?


  1. That sounds so absolutely perfect <3

  2. Angelica Robinson15 February 2016 at 13:24

    What a lovely day, and those gifts are lovely. The hubs got me a foam roller, as 26 weeks pregnant has left me sore. Not the most romantic but very thoughtful. I spent the day wining and dining my 2 year old son. Lunch put with mama, followed by pi king out the perfect truffles among rows and rows. Then a stop at the tea shop for sips and a few special ones for his father. It was a special day because of who I spent it with, and this time next year I will be the mama of 2, time to start some traditions!

  3. This sounds like the loveliest Valentine's Day ever <3

  4. Sounds like a lovely day! Such lovely gifts. You always take such good photos too! I spent my Valentines day in bed alone with Dominos and PLL, so I was very happy haha!! x

  5. What a perfect day! Simplicity is the best way to go. The days might be hard, but it sounds like you're getting into a really great rhythm! Cheers to the three of you :)


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