Homeware Wishlist

I previously mentioned that all my money is being spent on darling miniature outfits for my little lady, however when I was tidying I found an envelope of Christmas money and vouchers and thought it was about time to spruce up our rented town house for spring so I had a browse in House of Fraser. 

Just like every other person on the planet, copper is my favourite. I already have a few copper pieces around the house but I think a few more sprinkles of copper would make me that little bit more happier. House of Fraser has a nice collection like this candle holder, it would look perfect with pastel grey candles sat on my rustic crate-sidetable or my mantel. The ceiling pendant would look so good in my future newly decorated kitchen, perhaps three of them at different lengths with Edison bulbs. Oh yes.

I love Jo Malone cologne, I have started a collection going but have always wished for one of their candles. A Luxe buy but such a delicious scent to help bring Spring indoors during these cold months before Spring hits.

I have been searching for the perfect storage baskets with the 'dip effect' for Olive's room. And now I have found them. This set really is perfect as the smaller one would be so useful for her washing and the larger one for storing all of her toys. I like that her toys would be tidied away but still on show.

This cushion is amazing. Sebastian would tell you that I'm a little bit of a cushion hoarder... he isn't keen, he doesn't support my love for cushions. But who cares. I love the pattern of this one, I love grey as it goes with my rug and other living room accessories but would go perfectly on my bed as well. I like changing things up every now and then to keep this fresh- does anyone else do this?

So let's talk about this cafetiere. It's copper. I'm in love. I spotted this before Christmas and tried to justify the fact that I only drink lattes was totally a good reason for buying it. However Sebastian loves his black coffee so this set really does need to be in our kitchen. We just need to buy a milk frother so I get my lattes. I also love this mug for drinking them out of! House of Fraser have such lovely things. 

What is on your Homeware wishlist? Do you change things up every now and then too?


  1. Everything looks so lovely! Jo Malone candles are always on my wishlist! xo

  2. Yep I'm in the Jo Malone candle camp too, I've had a couple of perfumes, but somehow the cost of the candles I just can't bear, one day though I would love to have one...being prepared to burn it might be another matter :)

    Caroline x


*Forever Love*