Mama & Mini Wishlist

So, lately I have found myself wandering around the children's section of all my favourite stores and bypassing the 'grown up' section. It's been all about the homeware for a while now anyway but now shopping has reached a whole new level.
I was wandering in H&M the other day (I was desperately searching for cute leggings for Olive- I didn't find any) and I found myself walking past rails of gorgeous new seasonal clothes in ladieswear. I felt a little fed up. Hard done by maybe. "When will I be able to buy myself something again?!" I'm sure the answer is similar to "probably never!" or at least "hardly ever".

I do love buying for my little lady and it'll only get even more fun buying for her as she grows older but I do wish to treat myself every now and again. Even if it's a new jumper or pair of sunglasses or even a new Essie nail polish.

These are a few luxuries that are in my favourites. My Neom candle is very nearly out and I've wanted to replace it for a while and they have some gorgeous scented ones at the minute. Anything Lavender or Rose is a winner for me. They are quite Luxe but hey a girl is worth it right? And they last for ages. 
I have wanted to add to my Jo Malone collection for some time. My scent is Wild Bluebell, I wear it all the time- even if I'm having a Pyjama day- it makes me feel good... and smell great! I really want to try the Earl Grey & cucumber (for obvious reasons!!!) and the English Pear & Freesia- that one just sounds gorgeous. 
As a new mama I rarely get a moment to myself let alone to paint my nails but these Essie spring colours are just perfect and I'm sure I can convince S to have Olive cuddles?! Also the Mama Mio cream is more of a necessity- I had the Tummy Rub which I wore religiously and worked wonders! Oh, also Rose chocolate wafers--- I don't really need to say anything!! 

As mentioned, I spend most of my time searching the internet during nighttime feeds looking for wonderful things for baby. I honestly can't resist. I have probably been doing this for months now! Honestly. A few things I have my eye on are some natural products for bath time- Neal's Yard sound so lovely and natural. We have the soap already for when we need it for her- it smells great. 
I also have my eye on the Lavender pillow mist. I'm not sure if it's suitable for newborn but if it is I am definitely making it my next purchase. Olive has a small lavender filled pouch in her cot already but this would be just perfect. Anything to help with sleep.
I am also obsessed with wooden toys. I am not one for the brightly coloured plastic toys you can get everywhere. They just don't last very long and they mostly have annoying sounds and rhymes. I really love the old-fashioned style toys and I have stumbled across some organic, natural wooden games that I will be purchasing for my dear little lady. 
Also, this yellow mac... well, she just HAS to match her Mama right?!

What is on your wishlist? Or do you have a Mini wishlist too? 


  1. I'm desperate for that yellow mac for Marnie so we can match!!!

  2. Awww, that yellow mac is so cute! I've been looking for one in an adult size, but I can't seem to find one anywhere :(

  3. I'm going on a Shibori workshop (natural dying) on Saturday. Looking at those muslins I think I may be able to create something similar to that after a little practice! I was going to have a go on bedsheets, but now I'm feeling inspired :)

  4. I can imagine baby clothes just drawing you in haha - I'm the same when shopping for nieces and nephews.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Jo Malone's English Pear and Freesia scent was my wedding perfume, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it :) Every time I wear it, it brings back wonderful memories!


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