Valentine's Day with John Lewis

So Valentine's Day is coming up and I'm sort of excited. I'm an old fashioned romantic and love nothing more than receiving flowers, chocolates and a card. Except I'm not one for the typical 'dozen red roses', heart shaped boxes of truffles and the like. I'm more of a bunch of pastel tulips and bar of my favourite chocolate kind of lady. I also love the cards that Sebastian and I give to one another- they are always thoughtfully picked out and filled with sweet words.
The one thing I find hard though is buying gifts for him. Does anyone else struggle? I'm sure husbands and boyfriends don't get the benefits of fresh flowers (except maybe sneezes- sorry Sebastian!) and if we bought them chocolates they would probably share them with us anyway. It's always been a tough one for me.

I've been a bit busy being a Mama lately and have put Valentines at the back of my mind. But remembering with less than a week to go and using those nighttime feeds as a positive by internet shopping- I am saved. I have been browsing John Lewis for suitable gifts and I found quite a few potential handsome treats for the handsome husbands/ boyfriends in our lives.

I don't know about your special guy but mine likes a nice bottle of whisky, simple decor and some decent beard oil. Throw in some salted caramels and a soft pair of socks and I'm the best wife ever! I like to give a card too filled with our special sentences and other soppy stuff because... like I said... old fashioned romantic!

So that's the gift part sorted, now for last minute date ideas. Considering our current circumstance, our Valentines date is going to be slightly different this year. It'll be the three of us (unless Nanny offers to babysit!) so we'll order food in and line the mantle and sills with twinkling tealights. Ideally we will all snuggle up on the sofa and watch a film... but I suppose baby Olive will have the final say with that one! 
Alternatively, as Valentines Day falls on a Sunday I might suggest we pop out for the day. A nice breezy stroll along the seafront perhaps. Share an ice cream cone and stop for Fish & Chips. Collect seashells. Also, I will use the excuse of going out to throw on a dress (with thick tights.. brr!), spritz myself with my favourite Jo Malone perfume and wear a little lipstick. Every girl likes to feel pretty, and when you usually spend your days adorning milky infused muslins, wearing soggy dribbled on t-shirts and rocking the unbrushed hair look- lipstick is a real game changer!

This is my idea of a perfect date- Quality time. I love a good dinner and movie definitely, but my favourite dates are the ones that we get to spend time together talking, walking and just being. After a long week at work (for him) and all of our time being spent looking after a newborn (me), there is nothing more perfect than getting to catch up and just 'be'.

What have you got planned for Valentines Day this year? Are you and your loved ones exchanging gifts?

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  1. Oh wow! That feathery malt whiskey looks superb, I'm single this Valentine's Day so I'll just have to have a glass alllllll to myself! ;) These are all super ideas for a dapper chap, make a change from the usual retail suggestions for dull male present ideas! Hope you both have a lovely day x


*Forever Love*