A weekly portrait

Olive Mae, 10 weeks:: This week Olive gave us her first giggle. It was such a magical moment that I wept when I heard the gorgeous noise. She was in fact asleep and we haven't managed to pull a silly enough face for her to show us again since. I cannot wait for the next time.

Olive has been sleeping through the night for a week and a half now. Occasionally waking for a feed but mostly sleeps 8+ hours a night before waking. Last night though, she slept for nearly 12! I had to wake her up this morning. I know this might not last but I'm really happy at how she's established her day and night. She is such a wonderful baby.

Oh and Olive has also found her thumb! It's the cutest thing.


  1. She is the most deliciously gorgeous little girl, you're very lucky! What a sweetie! Alice xxx

  2. What a cutie! Olive is just adorable, and it's so good that she's sleeping through the night!

    Anika |


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